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Sunday, November 26, 2006

How repulsive can one get?

I can't remember seeing as vulgar a display as Tom Cruise's wedding and the ensuing media coverage, particulary on the TV Guide channel. Enough already!!! What makes news producers think that we're interested that they spent half a million dollars on flowers, took over an Italian town (didn't the Germans do this during WWII?) and took the head of their scientology church with them on their honeymoon? Does his publicist think these actions endear Cruise to the public...that the deer in the headlights look of his young bride edifies marriage is any way? Does anyone find this as odious as I?

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Cheryl said...

People are fascinated with celebrities. It sells magazines, TV, etc. I imagine the publicity, good and bad, helps their careers. I'm just thankful they cancelled the O.J. Simpson interview and book. People are more interested in the lives of the celebrities than they are in current events.