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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't ever work out beside someone who's coughing!

After watching a brief segment on The Weather Channel about indoor germs, I took a good look at my computer keyboard and mouse. Yuck! So I grabbed a couple of Clorox wipes, the Windex, a paper towel, and Q-tips and disinfected and cleaned everything. You wouldn't believe what came off the keyboard! Then, I went around the house and disinfected all the doorknobs, the banisters, and the phones. Okay, so I went a little over the top.... When I had a classroom, I would clean the desks about once a week, the doorknob every day, and I NEVER touched the handrails on the steps. In any given day over 120 kids entered my classroom. Our school has three floors and serves 1500 students. Think about those germs...... Actually, it was because I came into contact with so many during the day that I began to consciously wash my hands frequently -- especially after grading papers. It only takes a few times of writing lessons plans with a fever and chills and looking for a sub at 10:30 at night to learn to be cautious. Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore....Now, when I go to the gym.......


Gin said...

I drive a school bus and we have to walk to bus after every route. I hate to touch the seats, even tho we clean them regularly with disinfectant. When I go down the aisle, I use my elbows to lean on the tops of the seats instead of grabbing them with my hands. (The thought makes me sick!!! EEEEwwwwwuuuuu) I look sort of monkey-like as I scrabble down the aisle on my elbows!! LOL

I have self-contained special needs kids and even tho most of them are okay, a couple of them chew on everything, drool all over and even wipe boogers on the seats and windows. ickIckICK!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I go thru loads of Clorox Wipes, spray and hand sanitizer. I just have to see one of my kids drooling on a seatbelt and I'm grabbing the hand sanitizer. And I'm also a majorhand-washer...so bad that I'm bordering on insanity!!

There was a man coughing so badly in the gym the other day, I thought he was throwing up...thank God he was way across the room from us!!

Kathy said...

EWWWWWWW! I keep sanitizer in my car door for after I shop. My daughter thinks I'm nuts....
There is this woman who works out at our gym who huffs and puffs so hard she actually spits. EEEWWWWW! She's well dressed, clean, but I avoid her like the plague! Once last winter I was working out on an eliptical (sp?) and this guy got on the machine next to me and kept coughing and using his towel instead of tissues. Don't you know two days later I had a sore throat!???

Cheryl said...

Great title. I'm not great about staying away from germs. Fortunately I hardly ever get sick. How long will my luck last? Hmmm. I do use the wipes they have by the shopping carts.

Rich said...

Make sure to get your flu shot!!!