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Friday, November 7, 2008

Flying Blind

It's not that I think I'm unattractive, but as the mother of three stop-traffic, absolutely gorgeous adult children I know the difference between 'nice looking' and HOLY COW, WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER! I mean I clean up nicely, but would never be considered pretty or beautiful.
About two years ago, my husband and I were boarding a Southwest flight. This was before their newer, numbered system of boarding, where the only difference between boarding Southwest and a cattle call was the mooing. We were the first to board after all the 'pre-boards'. (This is a good thing because the pre-boards cannot sit in the emergency rows; we like these seats because of the extra room.) The ticket agent had said, "Tell the flight attendant you're the first." Happily, I boarded and chanted to the first person I saw in a uniform, "We're number one!" thinking he was a flight attendant. He smiled at me, pulled the microphone off the wall and said, "Flight attendants, this is your captain; the pretty lady in pink is the first of the general passengers." The "pretty" part took me off guard. I turned to my husband and said, "Dear God, the pilot's blind!" Richard replied, "Don't worry Honey, I see he's got a dog!" Richard is nothing if not supportive.


Brad said...

Richard sounds like a keeper - funny story.

Cheryl said...

You made me laugh out loud at Panera's. This was too funny!!!

Martha said...

I came over by way of Cheryl's blog...this really made me laugh!

Mary said...

Hi, my name is Mary and I'm a plain ole country gal who now lives in north central Alabama. Retired and busier than . . well, really busy.

Cheryl told us about your blog and I'm really glad that she did. Anyone with a real sense of humor is a favorite of mine. I had a big smile when reading your post. I'll be back soon.

C.A. said...

I'm from Cheryl's blog too...and you made me laugh. I like that! Keep writing...you're good! Come see me if you have a chance!


Cindi Ann

Ginni said...

I think it's so cool that you and Cheryl are friends in "real life"!! You are a funny lady, for sure!

SOUL: said...

by way of cheryl here as well..
thanks for the laugh--
i o u 1

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is such a funny story. I read it yesterday, but forgot to comment after going further down the page.

simonsays said...

Yep, Cheryl is right...you are a grat blogger and I will be back.


happyone said...

I was going to come from Cheryl's blog too but you beat me to mine first. :-)
Funny post - I'll be back to read more of your older posts when I have a bit more time.
It sounds like we are going to be neighbors when I move to the townhouse. I know exactly where you were walking!

bonnie said...

You guys!!! Got a sense of humor? I like the part about the cattle call sans the mooing. Very funny. Are you sure you don't want Richard in the luggage compartment? You've got a lot of comments coming your way this weekend. It's nice.

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad to see so many familiar faces here!!