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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Over the River and Through the Freakin' Woods

Many of you know how excited I've been about this day. All of the kids were coming, friends, my mom and Richard's parents -- and I've been preparing for over a week. This morning, my dear husband woke me at 4:30 asking me if I could please get him another blanket. Uh oh. He was convulsed in chills and was nauseous. He very considerately moved into another bedroom where I piled blankets on him, but by that time I was wide awake. My mom was awake, too, and asked if she could help. I told her what was up and asked if she'd like to go home -- I thought the quicker she got out of the house, the better for her. She agreed REALLY fast. So I drove her back to her home (outside of Philly), and then turned around and came right back. When I got here, I called to let her know I was safely home and she told me she had chills and an upset stomach. Uh oh 2. But, she added quickly, if she was going to be sick, she'd rather be home (a retirement community where a doctor is on duty 24 hours a day). She told me that three times, but I still feel badly. The kids and parents and extended family have all been called. As I write, my poor Richard is miserable, trying to sleep.
So here I am.
Still standing.
The last healthy one in the family.
I've disinfected everything at least twice and my hands are raw from washing them. The windows are opened to air out the germs. (Yes, it's cold, but we're talking germ eradication here!) And my turkey is in the oven. (I HAD to cook it; it had 'brined' for 36 hours. What I'll do with it when it comes out of the oven, I have no idea.) Luckily, I hadn't prepared the mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn pudding, or Brussel sprouts. I had cut-up the squash. I have a vacuum-food saver and will try to save it in one of those bags. For good measure, I'll put the sprouts in one, too. I'll freeze the pies.
Not exactly the day I had planned, and I won't be able to take that photo for our Christmas card. But, am I still thankful? Definitely. I am a blessed woman: I am a five-year ovarian cancer survivor, I have children and grandchildren who love me and for whom I would give my life, a husband who cherishes me, a wonderful mom, two great brothers (one in Atlanta and one in Mississippi (and one brother and sister 'by choice': David and Marge) with sweet families, and the kindest and most generous friends in the world.
Maybe I'll take a photo of myself and the turkey:)


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm so sorry things didn't turn out as you'd planned, but I appreciate your upbeat attitude.

Cut up the turkey and freeze meal-sized portions. It will reheat just fine.

And Thanksgiving blessings to you.

CJM-R said...

Oh dear! I am so sorry that your Thanksgiving day did not turn out as you planned.

I hope your husband feels better very soon!!

Stay well, and I guess that you will have a very full freezer!

Ginni said...

Thanksgiving is more about attitude than it is about meals or anything else. And you have a wonderful attitude. Your family is lucky that you're such a good care-giver!!!

You can always do your meal when everyone feels better. I just pray that you don't get sick too.

Andy was sick yesterday but felt find today. I think there are lots of germs going around.

Take care Kathy and be good to yourself.

Cheryl said...

Oh, Kath, what a day. All your plans! This will be remembered as the Thanksgiving That Didn't Happen of 2008. What a way to make a memory. I thought of you today as I drove to my cousin's. Thought of you much later having leftovers for dinner. I'm so sorry Dick and your mom are sick. I'm happy that you're not. I hope the kids found other plans. As you said, you might not have had Thanksgiving dinner, but you have plenty to be thankful for.

happyone said...

Oh so sorry about your day. How disappointing after all that planning, but what a great attitude you have.
Hope your husband is feeling better and your mom too.

Anonymous said...

That's going to be a lot of turkey sandwiches! Maybe your husband will have 24 hour flu and be good as new today. Then you can have a post Thanksgiving party!

Keep yourself healthy!

Rich said...

A belated happy thanksgiving to you and yours, Kathy. I hope your day was special.