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Friday, December 5, 2008

Cold Nights

The football team at the high school where I taught English and from which my children graduated made it to the state championship. They played last night at M & T Stadium (home of the Baltimore Ravens). I went because I'm still part of the Wilde Lake community, and to show my support for the kids and for their coach who will retire soon after 32 years of coaching and over 300 wins.
The weather was miserable: not quite cold enough for snow, but cold enough for the rain to feel like ice against our faces. I thought I had dressed warmly enough--lots of layers, but soon was "amazed" at how that cold rain could soak through everything: my flannel-lined rain jacket with hood, my gloves, shoes, socks, and most of my layers. We stayed until the end of the fourth quarter (they were losing 13-0) when the cold just got too much. I needed to be dry and warm. (Just sitting here writing about this caused me to get up and change into a sweat suit and heavy socks!) (I guess this is where I should mention that I am NEVER cold. Just ask my daughters and daughter-in-law who when they visit even in August must don parkas because of the temperature at which I'm comfortable. Ask my husband who suffers through my sleeping beside an open window all winter.)
What a pleasure it was to slip between flannel sheets into our nest of a bed. Normally, this means instant warmth, but two hours later I was still freezing, chilled to the proverbial bone, and so we put yet another blanket on the bed. Only then did I begin to feel comfortable. It occurred to me that many cannot come in from the cold or feel any relief from the elements, and I cannot imagine, even as cold as I was, what having no anticipated relief feels like.
Every Christmas my husband gives gifts to all of his clients. We think long and hard in choosing something appropriate and meaningful. This year, he will be writing each client a letter wishing them blessings for this holiday season and explaining that his gift to them is a donation to the Little Sisters of the Poor in Baltimore. http://www.littlesistersofthepoor.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=23
These nuns take their own vows of poverty very seriously in caring for the poorest in our society. Hopefully, through them, we can make someone's night a little warmer.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a lovely thing to do.

Cheryl said...

Yes, a perfect thing to do. I had never heard of Little Sisters of the Poor until Kit's mom passed away, and they requested donations be made to those nuns. I hope your husband's clients understood. We are fortunate indeed to have so many blessings.

Gin said...

Kathy you just gave me something very deep to think about. It's so easy to forget the homeless and less fortunate as we go about our cushie, comfy lives. With just the turn of the world, that could very easily be any of us!

Thanks for the eye-opening post.

Kathy said...

So many middle class, hard-working citizens are homeless this year because of foreclosures. This will be a really rough Christmas for many.

CJM-R said...

Yes, that is a beautiful idea your husband has.

I am the opposite of you, I get cold so easily. I start sneezing as soon as I get too cold. Weird, I know. I would have to get into a hot tub to warm up if I sat at that game like you did. I was freezing just thinking of you sitting out there!