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I am a retired English teacher and department head, the mother of three, grand mother of three, and have been married to the same man for 42 years. I subscribe to Dr. PM Forni's concept of Civility. I was born in South Philadelphia and grew up in the 'burbs. I love soft pretzels and cheesesteaks, the Phillies, the Eagles, and San Diego. I love being Mom, Aunt Kathy, Nona Kathy, and Teacher. I spend a lot of time in my gardens in the spring and summer, and in the winter I plan what I'm going to plant. I also am an avid reader and photographer.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Photos

Thanks, Cheryl! I couldn't have done this without you!

Fireplace, Garland, and Nutcrackers

Angels and Candles

Our Christmas Village

Santas in the Living Room

Creche from Lima, Peru

Our 'Greeters'

The Dining Room

The grandchildren and Deuce -- May the Christmas Force Be With You

From our house to yours ... Merry Christmas


CJM-R said...

Very beautiful! Glad you were able to post them!

Cheryl said...

So good of you to share your pictures with us. Your home looks beautiful!

Last night's dinner sounded divine! I miss going to new places :(

Jay said...

Your Christmas decorations are very nice. And your house looks beautiful!

Kathy said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

how fun to see all of your decor. It all looks so wonderfully festive!

C.A. said...

Everything looks so festive! I LOVE that picture of the kids and dog...it made me laugh at 4:11 a.m. Thanks for that, Kathy! :)

Gin said...

I love your Creche and all your decorations! Your house looks so nice from outdoors too!!!

Kathy said...

Thank you! Although it was 64 degrees here today, I'm feeling "Christmassy" :)

bonnie said...

Your photos are fabulous. Is that your house, all lit up??? Wow! You go!

Rich said...

Gotta love Duece!!!

Your house looks great, thanks for sharing.