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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Weather Changes

Today when I left the house for my appointment with Cheryl (MyLadeda) the thermometer in my car registered 47 degrees. By the time I reached Riverside (great coffee!) for our decaf, non-fat lattes, the temp had dropped to 44, the wind was ferocious, and it was snowing! After my appointment - about an hour later - it was 37. This is leading somewhere, hang in there.

Weather changes such as this are not uncommon, at least in Maryland, and I'm sure in other places as well. One other time a weather change took us unawares was when middle daughter was in high school. Her field hockey team was scheduled to play an away game in Poolesville, MD, about an hour from here. I had planned to ride to the game with the Athletic Director, Carol, (I taught at the high school my kids attended) after classes were over. When Carol and I got in the car it was about 70 and balmy, a lot like it had been for the previous week. We noticed, however, that the wind had picked up. Listening to the radio, we learned a front was coming through and they warned of drastically dropping temperatures. We worried a bit as we were not dressed for cool weather, yet alone cold, and neither were the girls. But how cold could it get, right? It was mid-October, for heaven's sake!

By the time we arrived at the field (wouldn't you know it sat atop a huge hill?), the temp had dropped to 50, but the sun was still out. The game started, it began to cloud over, the wind increased, and the temp dropped even more. The girls played surprisingly well, but I couldn't imagine how they could even hold onto their sticks. Any exposed skin was rosy from the cold. One of the parents reported the wind chill was in the teens. I didn't see much of the game. I was wandering around picking up sticks to start a bonfire. Luckily, Carol stopped me before I lit it -- it had been a dry summer and fall. The girls won in sudden-death, double overtime or it would have been a long ride home. Me, I wrapped myself in the floor mat from Carol's car, turned on the heat and prayed for thaw.

Tonight, we'll have an early dinner with friends and then come home and probably be asleep long before the apple in the Big Apple descends at midnight. I wish you all a blessed New Year. Peace, Kathy

PS a favorite poem by Adrienne Rich entitled "Storm Warnings" can be found at this website: http://www.atmos.umd.edu/~dankd/adrienne.html -- Please check it out.


Gin said...

Where I live (Illinois on the Iowa boarder) we have fast weather changes too. Sometimes it's hard to adapt to those changes!!

Have a very happy and prosperous New Year, Kathy!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Happy New Year to you too. Have a pleasant evening.

Gulf Coast said...

Thanks for the welcome. I have your blog saved under "my favorites" and absolutely love reading it. I am just getting started and learning as I go. Having lived in Williamsburg,Va and Raleigh, NC before moving back home to Mississippi, I do know how quick the weather can change. Honestly, I do not miss it. However, I love the warmer zone with the humid.

Gulf Coast said...

Kathy, good to hear your brother lives in MS. I love my home state Mississippi. I have lived in FL, NC, and VA but always made it back home. Now we are staying.

beachgirl said...

HI Kathy,
I love my life for sure. I am always on the beach, on my motorcycle and out and about. I even drive a miata. Usually with the roof down.
This weekend in my hometown there is a hot air balloon festival on the beach. They couldn't put up the balloons last night because of the wind. Lots of live outdoor music on the beach. Hollywood keeps it's residents entertained. Most of the time the music is really good. Some times really bad.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year.

Kell said...

I love Adrienne Rich, but my favorite is still Diving into the Wreck. I haven't read her for years, since grad school. I should pick up something at the library.