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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Ram" A Lamma Ding Dong

After two days of almost 60 degree temperatures, it is snowing. The National Weather Service said it would snow about an inch over night and would continue this morning. No appreciable accumulation is expected.

Yesterday I was sent on a mission of mercy. Daughter called and the baby had been up all night vomiting. There was a lot of wash to be done and no more detergent. Also, could I pick up some Motrin, Pedialyte (sp), and formula? I had never asked who the Motrin was for so I got both Infant Motrin and Motrin for adults. I bought Tide with bleach, regular Tide, and two bottles of Clorox, loaded up the car and was on my way. I had forgotten to buy a USA Today so I decided to stop at a little coffee shop on the way, then I drove through the parking lot of the library to see if I could find my other glove (where last I'd seen it) . No luck. It's gone... So on to Daughter's house...

Five minutes on Route 29 South (the original thoroughfare to DC -- a major artery) and it's an easy shot to M's house. Because it was 54 degrees and beautifully sunny, I opened the sun roof and had my windows down. Just before her exit was when I spotted it. I slowed down, blinked a couple of times, took a deep breath and looked again. It was still there -- on the right of the highway, between the guard rail and the huge sound barrier: a large ram -- not a Dodge Ram -- a real, four-legged, grass munching ovis ammun. When I got to M's house, I called Animal Control and told them what I'd seen all the while emphasizing I was not drunk and/or delusional. Much to her credit, the agent did not laugh and acted like she had gotten calls like this every day. She said she would send an officer out immediately. She asked for my phone number; I gave it wondering if she would hang up and call the county mental health clinic or the police who would ask me to surrender my license.

This was the second time I had seen a goat or a ram where there shouldn't have been any. Six weeks after my cancer surgery, Richard and I went to Ocean Isle, NC, for a recuperative stay. One evening while awaiting entry onto the one-lane bridge to Sunset Beach, I saw, in the marsh to my right, munching away -- a huge auburn-coated ram or goat (it's hard for me to tell the difference. I was born in South Philly for heaven's sake!). Again with the blinking...it was still there. Thinking that morphine takes a long time to leave the system, I asked Richard to look in the marsh and tell me if he saw anything interesting. He did. "What's a goat doing in the marsh???!" I felt much better.

I do believe in omens; I have, however, absolutely no idea as to what this means. I'm a Gemini so it's not an astrological identity thing. Maybe I should have been rooting for LA all along instead of the Eagles?


Brad said...

I googled "meaning of dreams rams" and got:

To see one quietly grazing denotes that you will have powerful friends, who will use their best efforts for your good.


Brad said...

ok, so it wasn't a dream, but still....

happyone said...

They say things happen in threes so be on on the lookout for another one. :-)
btw - I'm a Gemini too.

Jay said...

Back in 2007 there was a goat living in the cliffs along Crooked Creek back behind the soccer fields being the jr. high school here. People who walked and jogged along the path would see it in the morning.

The city decided he wasn't hurting anything so they didn't go up and get him. Then a group of jr. high kids killed the poor thing. Little freaking monsters.

Gin said...

Maybe a ram is your spirit animal. They usually appear when you need strength or encouragement. At least that's what a Native American told me. Very interesting. I wonder what Dr. Phil would make of it??

Anonymous said...

I like Gin's idea. Now I'm wondering what it means.

I used to find a white feather in a place it shouldn't be that always told me something that was coming. It never failed to be right. Strange...

cri said...

Dear Kathy, I went to the doctor and I paid the bill. I have a dental device in my mouth.
My teeth are twisted, and I try to correct them.
But I'm very bored, because it' s 2 years!!!!
So, the 19th february i will take off all, and I'll show my new smile on blogger!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ram omens MUST be a good thing!

Just stopping by from Kubuto...Brad's place.

Cheryl said...

I wish I had seen that Ram. Darn. I'm with the things come in 3 group, so I'll be waiting for the follow-up story.

You're a great mom and grandma. Is the baby better?