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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Family Business Made the News!

My husband began an energy management business almost 20 years ago. After our middle child, a daughter, graduated with a degree in business from Shippensburg University, she joined the firm as a partner. Now our son and daughter-in-law have joined the firm as well.

They specialize in three areas. They help businesses by assessing their energy needs and consumption. The firm does this by performing site audits and then making recommendations for improvements to not only reduce energy costs, but to decrease carbon footprints.

CQI Associates' second area of expertise is helping businesses and educational facilities acquire LEED Certification. LEED certifications are awarded to businesses or facilities that "Go Green." One of their clients is Discovery (Discovery Channel, et al.) who was awarded Platinum Certification - one of only two Platinum Certifications on the East Coast.

The last area is energy procurement. This applies only to states that are de-regulated. My husband and daughter put together cooperatives to procure electricity and natural gas at decreased rates. They have been doing this on a corporate level for several years, but the big news is they are now beginning the first residential cooperative. Here is the news clip:

I'm very proud of them.


Purple Flowers said...

That is so wonderful that what was started by one man (your husband) has now blossomed into a successful family business. That is so great for all of you!

Dear Liza said...

You should be very proud --- isn't it just awesome to feel that way about your own family? It sounds like your kids inherited just the right amount of brains from mom and dad...

You have a wonderful family. Just sayin'. Hugs. :)

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I know you are proud of your family for starting and running such a successful business. They are providing a wonderful service. My Dad was the engineer for our local electric coop and my husband works for the coop, so I'm all for cooperatives providing electric service.

Lena said...

You should be proud! What a great service they are provideing.
Family businesses are just a wonderful thing.

Real Live Lesbian said...

You should be proud!!!!

I've always thought that if I were to change careers, I'd like to do something like that!

Congrats to the family biz!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

You have good reason to be proud. It's such a needed field now.

fiwa said...

How very cool! That really is neat that they're being recognized in the news. :)

beachgirl said...

Wow, congratulations on your families success. It's nice to see a family working towards something positive for our country.