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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sometimes I just can't look away...

There are some things that capture my attention and I just can't help staring. A perfectly shaped rose; the endless variety of green after a spring rain; a gorgeous, bald baby happily playing with his feet. That's not what this is about.

Sometimes I am so repulsed by what I see that I can feel my blood run cold (what a neat, old saying!). But no matter how disgusted I am, I just can't look away. (In Italian the term is "schifoso" (pronounced ska' vosso) so I surmise this sentiment may not just be mine). Like the time I was weeding, went to reach for a clump and just missed grabbing a coiled snake that hissed a warning to me. Or the time at our house in NJ when the tent caterpillars tumbled en masse from their cocoon in our cherry tree: thousands (okay a few hundred) of them. And maggots...I scream "EEEWWW" as I open the can for a second and third time. And then Richard gently grabs me by the shoulders and moves me away.

At the risk of sounding cruel, the feeling extends to some people, like the comedienne who has had so many surgeries, her wax image is more realistically human. Or that poor lost soul who has had so much work done that his face is falling apart and he's forced to wear masks and veils. Or the country Western singer-actor with a triangle of hair on his upper-lower lip. All this just creeps me out. And like the cops at the proverbial TV scene I say to myself, "Okay folks, show's over; nothing more to see" and move on...until the next time.


Jay said...

Yeah, I do the same thing sometimes. Certain things that people do or whatever make me pull back a bit.

And maggots? Oh I would scream like a little girl. ;-)

Purple Flowers said...

I know exactly what you are saying. I will save you a "schifoso" but I was reading a blog yesterday,and someone posted a 3color pics. up close and personal of a mole. Now, you may think no big deal. Oh, but it was. She photographed it 3 times showing its teeth and pre-historic looking claws, like in attack mode. Why? She was obviously intrigued, and all I had to do was click off, but I did look more than once to make sure what I was seeing was really that disguisting.

Gilly said...

You are very honest to speak out! Most people would have something like that which repulses them, but are afraid to say so!

Dear Liza said...

Sometimes I will see something that I really shouldn't be in on, like the way folks interact with each other, say out in a mall, and even though it isn't my business, I cannot make myself look away. It is often shocking the way people will carry on, or fight, in public. And I am always intrigued. Or nosey, maybe that's what it is. :)

Happy Monday.

fiwa said...

Haha... I second what Miz Dear Liza said - I do that too.

I'm also ashamed to say that's why I watch some trashy reality t.v. It's just so bad I can't stop watching! Do people really act like that?! I guess, on second thought, thinking about Liza's comment again, some of them DO.

beachgirl said...

I so know all of who you are talking about.
And the last time I saw maggots was years ago in NJ growing up. Yuck.

Have an awesome day.

Karen said...

I am totally like that too. I cannot stop looking at a "train wreck". It is just too compelling. I am not sure I would peek at the magots more than once, but freaky people suck me in.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and wishing me well. Sorry it too so long for me to get here. You have a comfortable place here and I will be coming back.


GUILTY AS CHARGED!! I Love that word, thanks for teaching it to me!!


Brad said...

Let us not forget the Park Avenue Cat Lady - EEK.