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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's All Relative

Things have been really busy around here.  We drove up to Philadelphia on Monday for my aunt's Tuesday funeral because of the threat of snow which went well in spite of weather.  At the cemetery, the family plodded over a shoveled but muddy path to the gravesite.  We all met afterward at my aunt's favorite Italian  The day was dark, dreary, and snowy.  Thank you all for asking after my mom; she is doing well but misses her sister.  My mom lives a very active life in  her community.  She walks for an hour each day, is active in three choirs, the Italian Club, plays cards, and is in a political discussion group (to name just a little of what she does).  I am positive this is what keeps her so physically and emotionally healthy (my mouth to God's ear) .

After returning from Philadelphia on Tuesday night, we ate a quiet dinner during which I broke a crown.  Yesterday (Wednesday), our nanny, while pulling out of the driveway so that I could get out of the garage and to a dinner, was hit by a county front-end loader (the county is still attempting to make the streets passable as we still have a lot of snow on the ground).  He obviously didn't see her and luckily did damage only to the driver's side of her car. Jenn was shaken and had a few cuts from the broken window.   Instead of going to dinner, I waited with her for the police and a tow truck and the friend I was to meet brought by carry-out.  (Is this a good friend, or what?) (The husb was in DC meeting with clients -- he always misses  the good stuff).

While my daughter swept the glass from the driveway, the baby busied herself by emptying my kitchen cabinets, giving the police officer Tupperware, and then by playing with the water in the dog's bowl.  By the time the car was towed away, Jenn safely taken home,  floor mopped up, and the Tupperware cleaned and returned to the cabinets, we sat down to dinner.  Having missed her nap the baby was so tired by this time she was in rare form and threw most of her dinner on the floor.  Since I clean frequently, neither daughter nor I were appalled when she then ate said dinner off the floor.  I frankly don't remember eating at all.  Melissa bathed the baby who fussed the whole time and who then powdered, diapered, and 'pajamma-d' fell asleep in her mother's arms. Melissa and I went to bed shortly thereafter;  it was 9:00.


Paula from Amen Corners said...

My goodness Kathy, it never rains but it pours. What an eventful week you've had and it's only Thursday. Happy to hear that the Nanny was only shaken up. How traumatic to see a front end loader coming at you! Glad that you made it up for your Aunt's funeral as I'm sure your Mother was too. The baby probably ate her dinner off the floor because once it was down there she figured it was something she couldn't have! Hope you have a quieter weekend :)

Happyone :-) said...

Wow what a day that was. Not a dull moment at your house. It certainly keeps life interesting!!

Purple Flowers said...

Aren't you glad there aren't consecutive days in your life like that one? Glad to see you back. Also, glad your Mom is okay. I didn't know how active she is. She must have alot of energy and spirit.

kateri said...

I'm so sorry about your aunt, especially for your mama.

Boy, I had not really seen photos of the snow out that way...(my ex-in-laws live in Lancaster) but you REALLY got socked! ANd here we are in Buffalo with nothin. Crazy.

Take care...

Gilly said...

Oh gosh!@ Just one of those days, eh?? Kept you busy, too.

Hope no ill effects from car bump, broken crown and dinner on the floor!

(I am full of admiration for the cleanliness of your floor!)

Lena said...

Oh my Goodness, what a time!

I hope all is settled down for now.

cri said...

Kathy, I need more money: london is very expensive! I hope to go to TORINO. Le cinque terre are beautiful, we went about 3 years ago.
Kisses, Cristina

Palm Springs Savant said...

Oh my Kathy, I am sorry you had such a tough time there. I'm still catching up on the blog the past few days, my condolences on your aunt.