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Friday, February 5, 2010

See What Happens When 18-24 Inches of Snow is Predicted?

I haven't had to get up at 5:30 to get to school by 7:00 for two years or more importantly check the local stations for school closings due to snow, but this morning I was awake by 4:00 after waking every two hours to see if it was snowing.  Imagine -- still excited about snow after all these years.

My daughter went to Trader Joe's last night with a short list of things and was met by absolute bedlam and mostly empty shelves.  So since I was already awake, I decided to wait until the sun came up and try to get at the grocery store what she couldn't purchase last night.  With snow predicted to start sometime in the afternoon, and schools all opening on time (with announced early closings), I thought I just might be able to breeze in and out.  Armed with a short list, I headed to the store at 7:30 but met an almost full parking lot.

Although not really chaotic (yet), the store was busy; the lines at checkout, long.  I was able to get almost everything on my list with the exception of milk, Eggbeaters, and Greek yogurt (is this bizarre or what?).  I would have settled on regular, plain yogurt, but there wasn't a drop to be had. Also, I noticed there was no beef, nary a chicken wing, not a potato chip or a tortilla chip in the store, no white bread, and almost no frozen chopped spinach.  People had also pretty much decimated fresh vegetables.  What this says about America's eating habits, I'm not sure, but evidently hordes are having Super Bowl parties with interesting menus. The wings, beef, and chips I understand -- but plain yogurt and frozen spinach???

At 10:00 as I sat down to a breakfast of leftover Italian wedding soup (don't scoff until you've tried it), the snow predicted to start this afternoon, began to lightly fall.  My husband had already filled the bird feeder (we're down to one -- the squirrels ate our 'squirrel proof' feeder) and the suet cages, and brought in enough wood to keep us toasty for the next few days. And now, at 11:34 a.m., I feel a nap coming on...


Brad said...

Spinach & yogurt dip maybe? - I do envy you- wish we could be snowed in for a few days, like Sat & Sun!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I can't get excited about the snow. I would like to ignore it, but that's not possible. Stay warm and nap away.

Lena said...

Stay cozy. We were supposed to get that storm, but maybe nothing until the middle of the week. OK by me. I don't like to be snowed in on the weekend!

Purple Flowers said...

It must be spinach and yogurt dip. Plus the typical chips and wings for a game. I hope you found your milk somewhere.

Allen was met w/that short list syndrome this morning at about 8:00

Paula said...

Hope you had a good nap and are all ready to snuggle up to a toasty fire over the weekend while the snow falls and falls and falls! Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend...with whatever your are having to eat :)

Jay said...

Well, just get all bundled up and watch the blizzard. Or read a good book. It's gonna take a while for all that snow to go away.

Gilly said...

Frozen spinach! Ugh! Nasty watery stuff!

Glad you are well stocked up though. You keep warm! And take care if you should go outside!

beachgirl said...

Enjoy the snow. Hopefully it will be dry like last weekend when I was up there.
I must say I love living in South Florida.
Stay warm. Our grocery stores do that when hurricane warnings go up.