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Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Say To Ma To...

My son brought me some composted horse manure yesterday -- yes, only the best for me.  (Gives new meaning to giving one's mother shit).   Sorry --  I used it to plant our tomatoes yesterday:  Black Krim, Jaune Flamme, Fourth of July, and Red Brandywine.  Last year the Fourth of July was true to its name as we had tomatoes by that date.  While they are all good, my favorite are the Black Krim .  They are very dark red, but the tops remain dark green.  I lost a couple of these until I learned what 'ripe' actually is with this tomato. Now I just have to get the basil and fresh mozzarella ready....

The roses are full of buds, particularly the Knockouts.  There are a couple of blooms, but we are about a week away from the first flush, I think. I'll take pictures of the gardens for posting when the roses bloom.

This is 'opening week' for our county's four or five  farmer's markets.  One of the closest to us opened today.  Realizing the farmers wouldn't have a lot to sell -- some greens, green onions, radishes, bedding and vegetable plants, maybe -- I still wanted to visit just to see what it was like.  All growers' farms lie within 150 miles of our area; many of them are substantially closer.  I bought some beautiful green onions and asparagus (I had the asparagus for dinner-- it was great) and decided I will be making a weekly 'thing' of this.   Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) goes a step farther than the local farmers' markets and is a wonderful concept  from both  sustainability and a healthy eating standpoints. One 'buys into' the crop of a local grower and then picks up weekly harvests.  It's like a veggie Christmas!  We don't belong to a CSA, but can just as easily support local agriculture by visiting the weekly market.   I can't wait until June, July, and August when I'll be able to buy local cookies, green beans, peaches, cherries, and melons, et cetera.

Tomorrow I have the second Hyalgan shots for my knees; relief cannot come too soon.  Thank you all for your well-wishes. 


Linda said...

I love going to farmers markets but I eat way to much of the unhealthy food sold there like, glazed popcorn, candy coated nuts, fudge, etc.

You don't seem to be giving those knees a rest. Does that make a difference?

Linda Reeder said...

It's really still to cold to put tomatoes out yet here. We're hoping the warm up this weekend continues. We have to grow short season tomatoes here, and ones that produce in a maritime climate, so I'm not familiar with your choices.
Rose buds are still a long way off, too.
Hope all is going well with your knees. I've certainly been crawling around on mine a lot lately. The garden is shaping up, and so far I've been able to keep up with new plant purchases.

Purple Flowers said...

Hi Kath - Hopefully, your knee will soon feel relief!

I also love Farmer's markets. The fresh fruits and veggies are intoxicating. And I like knowing I am giving directly to the Farmer. I even enjoy talking with them - they are our heartland.

Gilly said...

PS hope the knees keep on improving

Gilly said...

Your garden is really rushing ahead! Roses?? You must be more tropical than I thought! ;) I had to remind myself just where Maryland is.

Our nearest Farmer's Markets are not very near! And only monthly. I wish there was a weekly one nearby, I would certainly go there.

Good luck with the tomatoes - never heard of any of those varieties over here!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Hope your second Hyalgan shot brings relief.
We like to go to Chesterfield Berry Farm for vegetables. They started as a strawberry farm and expanded to raising and selling all sorts of vegetables. Right now they have the most delicious strawberries.

beachgirl said...


Cheryl said...

You've inspired me to check out the local farmer's market. I never do.

It was great seeing you today! You looked gorgeous :)

JulesD said...

I Love, love, loved the farmer's markets this year!!

Sigh..as you people gear up for spring, Arizona has already peaked. Last tomato picked, we are now hunkered down for the heat's duration.

Vicariously I live.

Lena said...

I hope your knee is doing better!

I love how excited you get about planting. You inspire!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no...you really cracked me up with those first lines!
Get well soon Kathy (knees), XXX, C.