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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you want the focaccia with glass shards or without?

Why is it...
...that pumps in body lotion don't go all the way to the bottom and I always have two inches of lotion left and no way to get at it?
...I have to type, re-type, and type again the word verifications when I KNOW I typed it right the first time?  Who comes up with those 'words' anyway?

It's been an interesting weekend.  After my expression of love for the dentist, husb lost a filling.  The heat pump/AC is limping along although the two window units do offer some relief.  Okay -- a lot of relief --the windows in our bedroom are steamed on the outside.  Went to our favorite breakfast place this morning to find it closed.  And middle daughter has a case of shingles -- painful, but she'll live.  I made foccacia yesterday -- twice.  As I finished kneading the dough  the first time, I knocked over a cruet of balsamic vinegar, shattering it all over the counter.  I was almost certain none of it had gotten onto the dough, but I couldn't be certain.  (Honestly detective, I have no idea how that glass got into him!!!)  I cleared away the big pieces and found a great way to pick up the tiny shards of almost invisible glass.  I just happened to have had a lump of dough to roll over the counter.

We'll have the glass-free bread and gazpacho with crab meat tonight for dinner, after we return from an outing to Great Falls, VA.  We figure in this weather, just looking at the falls will be cooling!  Photos to follow.


Musings with a Purpose said...

Hi, Kathy. I am the visitor from Lakewood, New Jersey. Actually, we're from Toms River, but we have a Lakewood phone exchange, so that must be how we were identified on your Live Traffic Feed. I clicked onto your blog from our dear friend, Bob Russell's Update on Bob. My wife, Billie, and I are friends of Bob and Barbara's from the days when they lived in Rota, Spain (about 36 years ago).
We are devastated by Bob's illness. As someone who served with him on the Columbia Council (if I understood that correctly) you know how much Bob has always given of himself to his friends and his community. The same is true of Barbara, and of course she is suffering through this dreadful illness, too, in ways that those who don't have to deal directly with this terrible disease can never fully understand. (Billie and I are both cancer survivors and when I was diagnosed Bob traveled to Sloan Kettering Hospital with us -- he's always bee that kind of friend. That was nearly 20 years ago.)

Anyway, sorry to intrude. Had just finished talking with Bob and felt the need to "talk" to someone else who knows how great Bob's contributions through the years have been.


Linda said...

Lotion pumps are a severe pet peeve of mine. Drives me crazy.

I wish I were eating with you tonite. Sounds good.

Kimberly said...

I am looking forward to the pics - have never been there!

Bummer on the bread, but that was a creative cleanup.

Happyone :-) said...

Those pumps drive me crazy too!!

Bilbo said...

"...glass-free bread and gazpacho with crab meat tonight for dinner." Consider this: if bread is supposed to be glass-free, why is it called "pane" in Italian?

Anonymous said...

Yep.. all that lotion left at the bottom of the bottle. I think it's a conspiracy to make you buy more lotion more often.. LOL


George said...

I"m glad I'm not the only one who has to correctly type in word verifications multiple times!
Hopefully the start of a new week will mean no more broken glass containers, heat pumps or other things. Enjoy the falls and bring us back some pictures.

cri said...

Kathy, I'm sorry for the eathquake, and I know how you felt!
I want to see the photos of Great Fall!
One of these days I'll will Knock at your door,asking for
bread and gazpacho with crab meat!
Kisses, Cristina

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Well, you've had your share of bad luck recently. That was creative to use the bread dough to pick up the glass. Hope your daughter recovers quickly.

Cheryl said...

I once read that many manufacturers actually put more product into the container than listed to make up for the amount you can't get out. Feel better? It doesn't work for me. I always want to get to the very bottom. Detective.

Yummy dinner. Reminds me of the time I made pesto and ground a little wooden handle into the mix. It tasted like pesto with wood. Nasty.


Gilly said...

Now then - lotion pumps. Are they made of plastic? In which case you can cut them in half and get at the lotion that way. Or you can dismantle the pump, unscrew it or whatever (it must come off, it wasn't manufactured 'in situ') and then shake out the remaining lotion, thinking 'sucks to you, Mr. Manufacturer!'

I have a very mean streak when it comes to lotion, hand cream or whatever, that I have paid for and can't get at! I won't make public my other shameful ways of getting my money's worth!

beachgirl said...

Kathy some days you just want to go back to bed.
I hope your daughter starts feeling better soon. I have had shingles on and off. I take daily meds for it and no problems anymore. I will gladly take the meds.
Have a better day today.

kateri said...

Hi there...I have the very same pet peeves. My solution the the new-fangled lotion pumps is an antique glass bottle that I fill and refill and try to get every last drop from that dang plastic pump bottle into.

Hope your bread got lots of butter and was soft all the way through...lol Oh, and I loved the hobbit hole you stumbled upon near the falls in Virginia!

Maggie said...

So sorry about Bob...but thanks for the lotion pump remarks. You made my day.