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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Little Whine, A Few Friends, and J-E-L-L-O!

It's pouring here -- we'd had no rain and high temps for almost a month and have made up for it in the past three days.  Last night we had T-storms that woke me from a sound sleep.  Believe me, that's a feat.  I'm a sound sleeper -- Richard would have to wake me to breast feed the infants!  The only exception to this is when one of them was sick.  A cough, a moan, a plaintive call would break through the deepest of sleeps in a flash.

Youngest daughter is moving a little deeper into horse country in a new job.  We're happy for her; she's doing what she loves. Can't ask for more than that.

Been a little under the weather this past week and living on chicken broth, Jello, and oyster crackers.  Diverticulitis hits every once in a while.  And as if the attack itself isn't enough to deal with, the medication is always 'fun'.  We were supposed to have left for Hilton Head this morning, but Richard had meetings and projects that interfered.  Probably best anyway.  Don't want to be in the car  for 11 hours with an iffy stomach.  Our trip to Washington State is still on, though.  We're going out to meet our San Diego friends in Seattle and then drive up to Dakota Creek Winery where we'll help with a Wine/Art Fest.  In addition I get to meet up with two really good blogger friends, Brad, from Kuboto Farm and Fiwa! How exciting is that!!


George said...

It's always exciting to get to meet blogger friends in person. I hope your 'iffy' stomach is feeling much better by then.
You must have gotten all the rain we were supposed to get. After almost six weeks with no rain we were told to expect two days of heavy thunderstorms. We got maybe half an inch. I guess I'll be watering the roses again.

Maggie said...

Hi there....

Here's a quick Wikipedia link to an article on Chapbooks. Down toward the bottom is a modern definition. :)

Yes, I understand your tummy. I have a few of those here too. My extra fiber keeps me alive and going tho every batch is a new adventure.

Enjoy the trip.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm sorry to read that you're under the weather. I hope you're all recovered before your travels.

Gwendolyn said...

Enjoy your trip to WA state and I trust you are feeling better soon. I see you are called "Nona". Do you have some Italian roots? Nice to stop by your place today!


Happyone :-) said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling so good.
Tell Brad hello for me! :-)

Purple Flowers said...

Diverticulitis is a rotten thing to experience.
So glad to hear you are heading westward. Washing State is beautiful. I have only visited the western coast of Washington, however, it left a memorable impression. We went to Mt.Rainier -breathtaking.
Enjoy the winery and everything else you do. Have fun! :)

Linda said...

Get well quick. Both Hilton Head and Seattle are incredible places to visit.

20th Century Woman said...

I had to come over from Maggie's blog when I saw that you remembered Pat Nixon's "plain cloth coat." It's always a pleasure to find a good new blog, and I am enjoying yours. I hope your tummy improves before you come out here to my neck of the woods. At the moment the weather is glorious here. (Lummi Island, off the coast at Bellingham.)

Gilly said...

Do hope you feel better soon. Iffy tums, of whatever type, are a real pain1 (Ha! Ha!) I have IBS, which can tgake me by surprise every so often!!

We 've had a lot of heavy rain. Its ruining my impatiens. Maybe they will perk up a bit if the sun comes out.

The rain isn't going to fill the reservoirs though, the very dry earth will soak it all up.

Still, I don't need to water today!

Lena said...

Feel better soon! A have had dreams once in a while of my blogger friends. How cool u r meeting in real life. ENjoy!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Hope you're feeling better. Glad you got some rain - we still haven't gotten any.
Enjoy your trip to Washington state. My ex was from Tacoma, so I have visited that area - beautiful country!