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Friday, October 15, 2010

Is That $18.00 Wholesale or Retail?

It's going to be a nicely busy weekend.  Breakfast club with several friends with whom I taught, grand daughter's 11th birthday party, and on Sunday we finally get to see youngest child in her Virginia horse country new digs.  Equipped with a care package for her from the natural food store, 4 pounds of carrots for the horses, and a box of treats for the dogs, we'll roll south.

Today, I shopped for a b-day gift for our older grand daughter at the Apple Store, a crazy interesting place to be; I could spend hours there.  A troupe of about 25 Girl Scouts were there for a field day trying out the new IPADs and emitting that squealing energy only pre-pubescent girls emit, people were being tutored on Apple computers; the place just reeks with technical stuff -- I find it invigorating.  The new Nano IPOD comes in 8 gigabytes or 16 (4000 or 8000 songs respectively) and is only an inch?  Amazing!  And now one doesn't even have to go to a register to check out -- the sales associate swiped my credit card and I 'signed' the little machine with my finger! 

I  walked around Sephora (I'm a skin product junkie) and Williams Sonoma (love that place) and realized that my favorite cookware can second in free-weight training or be used as lethal weapons.  At any rate, in picking up stuff to look at, I somehow attached a price tag to my left boob.  Here I am walking through the mall thinking I'm looking all that (or at least cleaned up) and my left boob is advertising itself for $18.00.  A veritable bargain.

And now I'm off to the gym -- w/o the price tag.


Cheryl said...

And you don't have to buy them in pairs? Thanks for the laugh!

I could hang out at the Apple store for hours. I thought you were going to say you bought an iPad. Bon came in on Tuesday with one. I was envious.

Have a great weekend.

JulesD said...

LOL, I'd call that a bargain! Have a great weekend Kathy!

Purple Flowers said...

Is that half price or full price?
Funny story. Have a great trip w/your daughter!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Kathy, Hope you and your family have a nice weekend. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter....

We love APPLE --anything.. We both have iMac's; I have a Macbook; both George and I have iPods --mine is a little one and his is an iPod Touch.. AND--George has a iPad --and loves it... We are MAC PEOPLE ---and we like everything about Apple!!!!


George said...

I must admit that I got a chuckle out of your adventures in the Apple Store. It's quite a place, isn't it?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Mage said...

Ah, a sense of humor like yours is to be cherished. :)

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

ROFLMAO - that is too funny!

Hope you had an enjoyable breakfast with your friends, a fun birthday party for your grand daughter, and a nice trip to Virginia horse country to see your daughter.

Gilly said...

Was that a BOGOF offer (Buy One, Get One Free)!!

Hope all the exciting events were good times.

Gulf Coast said...

Oh how I miss Virgina. I used to live in Williamsburg. So beautiful this time of year. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Gulf Coast said...

Since you are a skin product junkie, what are your favorite products? I have yet to find a skincream that I truly am faithful with.

Bilbo said...

And here I thought all the cheap boobs were in Congress...silly me!

Lena said...

that was very funny about the tag.

Have a great trip!!