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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Monday After

Now that I've caught up reading all your blogs, I feel free to post. 

Last week was extremely busy, but fun.  We brined two turkey breasts and then smoked them on the grill.  I'm totally sold on brining -- what a difference in taste!  I gave the pecan and pumpkin bars to my mom to share with friends, and all the other leftovers are gone.  The gravy that I'd made before rocked:  there wasn't a drop left.  We took Mom back to PA on Saturday.

The tree is 'unfurling'

-- having been baled for a week -- and we'll begin to put lights on it tonight.  The outside of the house is 99% decorated and the inside... well, let's just say I have a lot of work to do.

Thanksgiving was well worth all the work.  It was noisy, the table was set for 16, and everyone had their fill of food and family stories. On Friday, Richard, my mom and I drove down to VA to see youngest child.  We went to lunch only after providing each horse with Thanksgiving carrots and my getting nuzzled by Bentley. (Here he is pictured in a previous visit.  He's the one on the right).

Let's just say I've gotten used to walking around with horse schtuz on me.  Daughter is remarkably happy and totally in her element.  And we all know, when the kids are happy, the mama's happy, too.

It's back to the gym for me today.  I'll do some online shopping later as I finally got lists from the kids (it only took two threatening emails!).


George said...

It sounds as if your Thanksgiving weekend was a great success. I thought I our turkey was very tasty, but I might have to investigate brining. Our decorations are mostly up now.

Purple Flowers said...

So glad you had a great weekend with family. I love your photos!

Jay said...

Good times! And that's a really pretty Christmas tree. I've got mine in the closet. Still haven't decided whether or not to get it out this year.

Mage said...

You sound wonderful. :)

Kimberly said...

You're the third person who has spoken about brining and I've not a clue what that even is. I will have to google it. Your weekend sounds wonderful.

Linda said...

Sounds like you've got everything under control. Good for you.

Unknown said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful and the food delicious! How wonderful to have mom here for the weekend. Glad your daughter is happy and things are going well.

Your tree looks beautiful, so fresh and large!

~ Amy

beachgirl said...

I need help getting lists from my kids. When I asked them over the weekend with them here, they just looked at me like I was crazy. How can they know what they want. It's only November.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving. Your tree is beautiful! You are way ahead of me on Christmas decorating. Thinking about it is as far as I've gotten.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

We are still a work in progress on the decorating; don't have a thing going on outside yet! I keep hearing more and more about brining...I may give it a whirl!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful tree! I am in North CArolina and do think we live in stunning country. I enjoyed reading your blog!

JulesD said...

I BRINED!! This was my first year too. It's the best eh?

Love the glimpse into your life!! Just loved it.

Anonymous said...

Back to the gym... oh how I wish.... I'm not even stepping on a scale to weigh myself again until next MAY!


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Kathy, Glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I know it was great having your Mom there .. AND then getting to see your youngest and her horses had to be special also. I'm so glad that your weekend was great.

We had a fabulous weekend also.

happyone said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday with your family.
Your tree is beautiful! You will have to post a picture when it's decorated.

Cobalt Violet said...

Table for 16!!! Holy Cow! Glad it was great and Kathy that is a beautiful tree!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it has been over six weeks since I last visited and I don't know if I'll ever catch up. I'm so happy that you had a nice Thanksgiving (lots of dinner guests!) and that you are busy now getting ready for Christmas. I've never done a turkey with brine but have been seeing a lot of posts about doing it. It is something I'll have try one day as I've only read positive things about it. Your daughter, husband and Mom all look wonderful in the photo. The horses are beautiful. My Dad loved horses and my daughter does too. She used to ride before her children came along but hasn't for years. She loved it so much and found it therapeutic. Perhaps one day she will be able to take it up again.
I will make every effort to try and stay on top of your posts.
Take good care Kathy ~ Paula