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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still A Nut

We're only a few days  from our first rose 'flush'.  To people like myself who love roses, this is a big deal.  Pictures to follow.

I mentioned previously that I took a page from the book of Betsy and George and planted a few roses in pots, and am excited about these as well.

There are a few pioneer blooms, too.  This is a cabbage rose.
And this is a hybrid tea called A Touch Of Class.

And this is a very special type of rosebud called Pink, Precious, and Pony-tailed.

I am overwhelmed with sadness about the horrid destruction in the heartland of our country.  When I see these loses, I realize my troubles are trivial ones.  I wonder...does new construction in this part of the country mandate 'safe' areas like storm cellars or safe rooms?  These wouldn't abate the destruction, but they would probably save a lot of lives.

And on a completely ludicrous note, when are people simply going to ignore the likes of Harold Camping and his predictions?  People actually sent him money and some even began having their pets euthanized.  The stupidity of mankind astounds me.  How different are his prophecies than the promise of 72 vegans virgins?  He's just another Jim Jones, but with a radio station.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Kathy, I LOVE your new roses.. You are doing GREAT. . We have the "Touch of Class".... BUT my fav is the Pink, Precious and Pony-tailed one!!!!!! ha

SO true about Harold Camping. It's embarrassing as a Christian myself to even say that he calls himself a Christian... Unbelievable... AND--why do people believe that crap???? Gads!!!

YES---let's remember all of the families who are suffering so much from all of the tornado damage all across the country... God Be with them ALL.


Retired English Teacher said...

The cabbage rose is lovely, but I really do like Touch of Class. Your darling bloom in pink truly is precious. I think I might try planting some roses in pots also.

I agree with you about Harold Camping. He is just another cult leader who was able to destroy lives of those who foolishly followed him. Think of the money he took for others. Think how that money could be used to help those who truly have been through a catastrophe in Missouri, and now in Oklahoma.

Barb said...

Al these rosebuds look precious to me - especially the pony-tailed one!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I agree with Betsy's assessment of "embarrassing" for Camping. I am a Christian, proudly so, and am so embarrassed by the perversion of the truth that he has continually put out over the years. This isn't his first failed "prophecy"...and why do the herds continue to be led?? "The stupidity of mankind astounds me."

jane said...

Yeah. Don't get me started...
Your shots make me smile...

George said...

That Pink, Precious, and Pony-tailed rose is the most beautiful that you have, although I look forward to seeing more pictures of the other roses.
It sounds as if there is going to be another round of bad weather today. There are so many people that need our thoughts, prayers and help.

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Your roses look super. Loving the chubby cheeks on your grand-daughter.
Totally agree with you re Harold Camping et al.
I can only imagine the horror and suffering the people in the US heartland are having to endure and I wonder the same thing as you. I would tend to think that if it is not occurring, the insurance companies for one, would be pushing the construction industry to make storm cellars part of the building codes in tornado alley for sure.

Cheryl said...

Your roses are beautiful. All of them!

The devastation is hard to comprehend. The floods and tornadoes. It really does make our problems seem insignificant.

Maggie said...

Yes, he's awful, and I feel so sorry for those who were suckered in. I also feel for those who live in our heartlands. There's one blogger in Open Diary who has been leading crews to help clean up the mess. It's been horrifying to see what he's seen through his eyes. It's a hard spring for many of us.

Love your roses. Love your yard. I had such fun taking pictures of roses while we were at that convention.

Brad said...

Huh. Given the title of the post i thought for certain it was going to be about Cheryl. :) - The flowers look wonderful as always my talented friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!! It's nice to see summer returning to your world! The roses are indeed beautiful.

Tracy said...

I love the rosebud..that is my favorite time of the rose is when they are allowing themselves to be vulnerable enough to start popping open :)
take good care...