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Monday, December 12, 2011


The outside of the house is finished; the inside -- almost.   I'm hand-writing cards this year instead of printing out address labels (this is actually 'fun' for me), saying "Merry Christmas" to everyone I see, boycotting any place that uses "Xmas" in their ads, (is there anyone else out there that hates this as much as I do?), and not doing any baking this year as I live by the rule, "If I bake it; I eat it" and frankly I've never met a cookie I didn't like.  Thus, the fear that my hips will rival the size of Montana (the state; not Joe) and need to be declared a separate territory.

I feel remiss, but we're not doing a lot of shopping this year.  I mean, shouldn't I be doing something more for the economy? But we exchange gifts only with our children, grands, husband's dad and my mom and this year the kids have requested specific gifts or our 'chipping in' for something in particular -- so actually there's not a whole lot to buy.  I'll probably get some stocking stuffers, but that's about it.  Come to think of it, what a blessing this is; what a novel idea:  just enjoying the season!


Mage said...

Oh, that's just lovely. We are keeping the holiday even simpler here. One daughter, her friend, and one small grandchild. Your house is lovely.

I'm With Stupid said...

Looks beautiful! The only thing that's missing is about a foot of snow. ;-)


Purple Flowers said...

I've been working on simplifying my Christmas life, and it feels so much better. Less stress, and more time to play Christmas music and as you wrote - more time to wish people a "Merry Christmas"

Shug said...

I agree! I really cannot comprehend anyone leaving off the CHRIST in Christmas...whoever thought of Xmas??
I for one love to give gifts, but I really want the big focus to be more about the Birth of Jesus.
Good For You...enjoy the season..enjoy every moment of it!
Hugs to you and sweet Blessings

Cynthia said...

Your house looks lovely. We may or may not get our lights (one string!) hung on the porch this year, but everything else is done and all that's left is to celebrate.

Kimberly said...

Your home looks lovely, Kathy! And yes, there are those of us out here who join you in your hatred of the Xmas word.

George said...

I really like your idea of just enjoying the season. We haven't helped the economy as much as we have in the past for very much the same reasons you gave. I'm happy to report that almost all businesses down here use 'Christmas' instead of the abbreviation.

Your house is beautifully decorated.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi, The outside of your home is gorgeous... Love your decorations..

Sounds like you are enjoying Christmas really well this year... Me TOO!!!!! I seldom see Xmas ---thank goodness. I also don't like hearing "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas"...

We don't do much shopping now. My grands are all teens---so I give them money now... They can buy what they want!!!

Keep enjoying this season!!!!

Cheryl said...

Your house looks beautiful! I remember that it looks so nice at night, all lit up, too.

I've had fun buying gifts for Rob and Emily. I only exchange with a few others, so shopping has been pleasurable. I'm in the part of December that I really enjoy...the stress is over.

Anonymous said...

I remembering commenting last year how much I loved all your wreaths in the windows. Your house looks like it should be on a Christmas card. I admire your ability to stick to your decision not to bake and I agree with you regarding the *Xmas*

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your house looks very festive and very pretty!

Gilly said...

Your house looks lovely! I wish we did that in the UK. The only houses that are "decorated" are those who put loads of flashing lights, garish santas and roaming reindeer all over the roof. Some are truly dreadful!

Haven't you got lovely big windows? I love them!

Gilly said...

PS I have solved the Christmas present idea by giving a small, expendable or edible gift, plus a card which describes where my donation on their behalf will go. I get them from Oxfam, and try to link the recipients interests with where the money goes. So the Nurse in our family gets one with a medical theme.

Last year I gave tins of speciality teas. This year it is hand made soaps (not by me, I hasten to add!)

Hope it goes down as well as it did last year!

michiganme said...

Actually Xmas has its derivation from early greek translations of "Christ" but I'm guessing commercial establishments don't use it with that in mind.

I think Christians should say Merry Christmas, Jews--Happy Hannakuh, non-Christians--Happy Holidays, etc. Many cultures & religions celebrate a special holiday this time of the year.

Your house is beautiful!

Suz said...


Cobalt Violet said...

So glad someone finally said it! SO annoyed by "X"mas.
Your house looks AMAZING!!!
Buon Natale! :)

Kay said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the season without tooooo much pressure. The house looks fabulous! Now on to new years!