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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Timely Thanksgiving

We were supposed to go to Sarasota this week, but canceled because of Isaac -- we'll go in January if we're not snowed in.  We've made the right decision.  We're just hoping that Isaac doesn't decide to celebrate Katrina's anniversary by making devastating landfall in New Orleans.  The only good news in this is that the Mid-West may be getting some of that rain they so badly need.

In this so vituperous election year, I am so very thankful for our DVR and our remote.  Do we watch the campaign ads? No.  Commercials?  No.  Do we miss anything? Well, some of the commercials are a little entertaining.  :) But otherwise, a resounding NO.  What I need to know will filter through and it won't be through Facebook!

And finally I am thankful for a good Texan friend, who a long time ago taught me a very important lesson:  Don't get into a pissing contest with a skunk; you may win, but no one comes out of this smelling very nice.  Seems this is a lesson that many of us have to learn.  Yes, it's good to fight on principle for what you believe, but there's real value in the question, "To what end?"  Seems a young friend of mine could have learned this before he angered a somewhat spiteful administrator.  


forsythia said...

This post really chimed with me.

(1) My heart sank as I saw the path that Isaac seems determined to take.

(2) The election season, like the hurricane season, cannot end soon enough. Talk about "sound and fury."

(3) Your Texas friend spoke words of wisdom.

Lena said...

Agree completely with Forsythia!

Cobalt Violet said...

I'm trying to miss all the political hoopla too but seeing what's happening to everyone in Louisiana is tough ...
Hope you are doing well. I had a bit of a blog break but i'm finally back!

Sending hugs!

Gilly said...

Do hope Isaac hasn't done too much damage. We don't hear a lot about him, only when something, like the Convention, hits the headlines. My grandson is called Isaac - think he is a bit peeved to be likened to a hurricane!

AND I've got round to putting up a new blog!

Kay said...

This has been such a crazy weather year and it's shaping up to be a crazy political year also. I wish we had a DVR at times like this. I love your skunk quote. I wish I could remember it so I could repeat it when needed.