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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Live Strong, A Wedding, And A Casino

It's a Saturday -- full of promise and expectation.  A good day.  Tomorrow brings the Uhlman Cancer Fund Triathalon across the street from us at a county park.  It's a great cause. This year brings a lot of controversy as Lance Armstrong is supposed to compete.  Frankly, I don't care -- it's still a great and worthy cause.  We'll probably walk over just to take in all the excitement of the racing, running, and swimming.  The last should be interesting because the temperature is supposed to drop 30° sometime this afternoon.  The high tomorrow should be in the 50s!  The water in the lake should still be pretty warm, though.  Yes, fall is definitely in the air and maybe because of the lower temperatures, the stink bugs won't be.

Last night we attended the wedding of a former student -- a young man who spoke at my retirement party and had everyone crying.  Truly a very special and bright person.  We were honored to have been invited and had a lovely time.  The wedding was held in one of the Prince George's County Parks -- at Newton-White Mansion.  A gorgeous setting.  Weddings are such fun.

On the way home, along the Baltimore Washington Parkway, we spotted those really big search lights scanning the sky and decided to follow them.  I have to laugh because this is sooooo unlike us.  Anyhoodle (as my friend Jay says), they lead to the new Maryland Live Casino at Arundel Mills.  Whoa, Mama is this a big place!!  And the parking lot was full.  Good for them/us, I guess.  We'll see if the promises of funds going to education actually materialize.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It's supposed to be cool for the Chicago Marathon tomorrow. Good for the runners, I guess.

The wedding sounds lovely.

bettyC said...

Tomorrow is the Walk to Defeat ALS. First time it's been indoors in 3 yrs. I guess we'll get wet. :)

Linda said...

We vote on casinos in November, & I hate it. My gut response is to vote no but I feel like I should see what the "yes" folks have to say. It isn't a subject I care rip about so I resent the time I have to spend researching it. However, I may be in luck. This morning our governor had a statement in the paper opposing the measure. Perhaps I'll just follow his lead.

Mage said...

Yes, that was quite an adventure. Personally, I like adventures.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Sounds like you were having a great Saturday ALSO... When we got out of the wedding reception, our temp had really dropped. AND--we didn't have jackets with us.... Yipes!!!!