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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Great Winds (Not About the Election)

We voted last night as the first bands of Sandy blew our way.  Today, however, like fish and a guest who overstays her welcome, she's beginning to stink.  

This morning we went out to the post office and took a little walk along Wilde Lake as I wanted to snap a few photos of the dam.  It was not bad at all as we walked with our umbrella and camera along the lake shore.

As we strolled back to the car under our umbrella, we were reminded of what a beautiful place our town of Columbia is.

Believe it or not, we then drove to Costco (their chicken meatballs are out of this world and I wanted to have a pot of Mom Mom Soup on the stove cooking away.  The roads were almost empty.  Most businesses and schools are closed and Early Voting has been canceled for today so getting to Costco was easy; finding my membership card was not.

We shopped -- looked at all kinds of Christmas merchandise and books, bought our meatballs, broccoli cheddar soup, smoked salmon and a few other 'necessities' and walked out and  immediately lost our umbrella.  We still have it, but it's kind of inside-out.  Yes, things had deteriorated markedly -- still not horrible, though, which is why we stopped at Starbuck's for a soy latte and a pumpkin spice coffee.

Home now, with a lovely fire going, soup simmering away, the clothes we wore in the dryer, we've hunkered down, snug in our home as the temperature falls, the winds rise, and the rain blows sideways, very aware there are many who are not as fortunate.


Sally Wessely said...

You day sounds full of adventure. What is mom mom soup? Is it your special recipe? We are just now living close to a Costco. It is good to know what prepared foods are good there. I will have to try the chicken meatballs.

Stay safe. I'm glad you are warm and that you have plenty of comfort food. I hope you don't lose power.

Linda Reeder said...

I hope all goes well. I've been checking in via blogs and Facebook with east coast friends and relatives. It's good to get happy reports like yours.

Suz said...

oh don't you love a bit of the unknown....of a storm....stay safe....enjoy the soup

Cynthia said...

We tried to vote early in Bowie on Sunday, but too many other people had the same idea. We gave up and came home.

George said...

I hope you have weathered the wrath of Sandy without any further problems. We're even feeling the effects this far from the coast.

Bilbo said...

It's just 7:00 AM here, and it looks as if we've weathered the storm pretty well. We lost power briefly several times (for a minute or two each time), and everything flickered without actually going out quite a few times, but we still have power (so far). No trees down near the house, although quite a few large branches and whole trees down in the area. We've been pretty lucky ... now, if we can just get past today! Glad you're safe!

Cheryl said...

Sounds perfect Kathy. It was like getting ready for a blizzard without the snow. I spent quite a while at Starbucks before getting the house and yard ready for the storm. Your comfort food was much better than mine :)

Kimberly said...

I hope your power comes back on soon! Enjoy your forced lazy days.

P.S. If it were about the election, the word would have been windbags.

Gilly said...

Hope it stayed that way! I was thinking of you as we watched the TV news here in the UK - it looked horrendous!

Mage said...

What beautiful photographs of your fall house, and how stunning the water over the dam. Thanks for the notes.