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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beware of Sweet Little Ones Bearing Gifts

See these two?  They look innocent enough, don't they??  :)  Well they are, but as the saying goes, little ones are petri dishes.  And our sweetnesses are no different.

We had a lovely today together on Tuesday.  Both children were healthy.  Our son, Tyler's dad, was sick, and recuperating from a killer, head-filled-with- cotton-cold.   On Wednesday, my throat was raw and my eyes began to water.  Thursday I developed a dry cough.  Friday was more of the same and today I feel like I've been run over by a bus. 

It's been a very gray winter here in Maryland, which is really hard on the psyche.  The substantial snows have missed us, but I can't remember a year that was more GRAY than this one.  And today is no different.  I've been knitting scarves, reading, and playing Words With Friends.  Consequently, my derriere is the size of Montana -- no disrespect to that beautiful and wide state.   I think the time spent at the computer is directly correlated to the width of the seat and I've been here a lot.  It's my connection with the world!!

Just today I received lovely emails from Religious Mingles, people who wanted to increase my husband's anatomy,  someone selling me Canadian pharmaceuticals, a respected lawyer wanting to know if I'd like to sue over my mesh implant (don't have one),  a prince from Somalia who wants to deliver a substantial bank deposit to me, and Dr. Oz selling green coffee pills guaranteed to shave my rump from Montana to Rhode Island.  (They didn't.  If anything we're looking more like the Louisiana Purchase).  Maybe Sensa?

If you'll  excuse me, I have more scarves to knit...


Pat said...

Yes it has been a gloomy, gray winter here in MD. Can't wait for this winter to be done.

Gilly said...

Those two children are real sweeties! And that young lady is going to a real man-killer with her looks!

This year so far has been a real bad-bug-filled year here too. My sister and brother-i-l both have Whooping cough and been terribly ill, and nasty colds have swept the county. Missed me so far, but not Mr.G.

Having been told to go on a low fat diet, I am trying to make this a weight loss plan too. So far it is slowly working! But I miss real butter, and most of the time I feel hungry!!

Lena said...

We got all the snow that missed you! the biggest blizzard in decades.

Your grandchildren are so beautiful!

I wish I had learned to knit. Maybe I need to put that on my bucket list was well!

Take care, spring is right around the corner!