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Friday, July 5, 2013

The End Is Near! (Well, Almost)

Our last  stops were Astoria, Oregon; Victoria, BC, and Seattle where we disembarked and a special treat waited for us.  More about that in a few days.

Astoria was verdant, lush, and lovely, and the people who greeted us were gracious.  We saw a bit of the countryside and then visited Carlton and WillaKenzie Estate Winery, where after tasting five of their wines we promptly joined their wine club.

Logging is the primary basis of the economy...This wood was being shipped to Asia.

In Victoria we wanted to visit the Butterfly Gardens and then return to the amazing Butchart Gardens -- one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and we weren't disappointed.  This is what I saw as we entered Victoria Harbor.  It took my breath away...

On entering Canada, this crier stood on the dock and ceremoniously yelled, "Welcome to Victoria, British Columbia!  God Bless America and God Save Our Queen!".

Our first stop was the Butterfly Gardens -- perfectly delightful where there
were all kinds of interesting birds, flowers, plants, and butterflies in various stages of chrysalis.

Quail (no relation to Dan) roam the facility...

This parrot enjoyed hamming it up for the camera.  He's actually turn over like a dog!

The nest three photos show the caterpillars, pupal state, and finally the butterfly!

The flora and fauna did not disappoint.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

OH Kathy..... I keep reading all of your recent posts over and over --thinking that I'd LOVE that trip.... And then when you said that you got to see the Butchart Gardens, I was totally sold.... I know you had a rocky beginning --but it sounds like the rest of your trip fell right into place. I'm IMPRESSED. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

The Butterfly Gardens look like a fun place to visit. That picture of Victoria Harbor is amazing!

KathyA said...

Betsy, In spite of a very rock beginning, the cruise was a wonderful opportunity to see so much of the West Coast without driving. We would have never been able to cover that much geography in that short a time.

Kimberly said...

Love butterfly gardens! Looks like this was another great stop! So, to what does joining the wine club entitle you?

Gilly said...

What a wonderful place! I loved the butterflies. And the scenery took my breath away! You obviously have had a great time going to stunning places!

Anonymous said...

Love all of your photos! I am so glad you enjoyed your trip.

Kay said...

Gracious! What gorgeous photos! Those are such beautiful, unique creatures. I just LOVED Butchart! It truly is a gorgeous place.