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Monday, October 26, 2015

Excuse me, Is there something wrong with your food, you haven't photographed it...

We are, I confess, "Foodies" -- those yuppies who eat out frequently, take photos of their food and post them, and who use phrases such as "off the charts" to describe an eating experience.  We have even flown across the country to visit San Diego for Restaurant Week!

Yes, we really enjoy eating out and appreciate well prepared food. 

A friend of my mother refuses to eat at any restaurant that is a 'chain', saying that the food isn't worth it.   We happen to find many regional and national chains provide wonderful service, beautifully prepared and excellent food.  Longhorn, for instance, has scrumptious broiled trout, and one of the best grilled chicken cobb salads I've ever had has been at TGIFriday.  And frankly, every meal we've had at Red Lobster has been excellent, featuring fresh fish, great salads, and those addicting  bay biscuits.  And the pasta -- particularly the fettucine Alfredo -- at Olive Garden is light and rich at the same time.

Some of our regional favorites include The Great American Restaurant Group's Coastal Flats where the service is impeccable, the menu varied, and the food itself is worth going back for again and again.  Our favorites:  shrimp and grits,the grilled snapper, the green beans prepared with pepper jelly, and ALL of their starters.  And you've got to try The Oldtown Pourhouse in Gaithersburg, where the beer and fried cheese curds aren't the only excellent offerings. And then there's....Excuse me, I've got to get some lunch...


Linda Reeder said...

Now I see why you haven't posted since May. You've been too busy eating!

Sally Wessely said...

My sis and her husband are in San Diego and are total foodies. They wouldn't think of waling in a chain restaurant. Like you, I find places like Red Lobster quite yummy. I write this as I am doing a fasting test. I'm starving.

Kay said...

My daughter and I really like the unlimited soup, breadstick and salad lunch at Olive Garden. We always go there once during our stays in Illinois. Here in Hawaii, Chili's can be pretty good too.