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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Kindness of Others

So where have I been?

Life has been a whirlwind, it seems, since Thanksgiving, which was strangely quiet -- just the two of us feasting on crab dip and watching football;  it was luscious!! Perhaps the universe was gifting us because it knew what December would hold.

My 90 year old mom had carpal tunnel release so we drove up to PA to pick her up from the surgery center, do whatever shopping she needed done, take her to lunch (yes, you read correctly -- she wanted a hoagie with everything but hot peppers), get her pain medication for her and settle her back into her apartment in the retirement community where she lives.  We then drove back to Maryland.

We decorated the outside of our house and then worked on the inside.  Everything is done except for our tree which we plan on putting up today.  It's still in the garage in a large bucket of water.

And for the past week or so we've been helping our middle child move from her townhouse to the new home she settled on this week.  We are so proud of her:  a single mom -- her dad's business partner.  She's a very busy girl.  And is totally over the moon with her new home.

Since Thursday, we've been packing up her house and taking over what we can fit in our cars.  I figured if the kitchen were totally packed, moved, and set-up in the new house, she would feed less overwhelmed.  It would make moving day (the movers come tomorrow) a lot easier, and she could at least make herself and helpers a cup of coffee without having to dig through boxes.  So that is what I did yesterday.  With the help of the Big Guy, I packed up the kitchen, drove it over to the new place and unpacked and organized dishes, pots and pans, food, spices, et cetera.  After soaking in the hot tub for an hour, I slept well last night.

What awes me, though, is the fact that so many others are helping her.  Friends gathered last weekend to put a huge dent in packing.  Lisa, a friend of mine, furnished a stack of newsprint to wrap stuff in.  Simon (her adopted uncle and a restauranteur) threw a lunch for us on the day she settled and sent a truck with some guys who work for him to move things the movers wouldn't take without charging her (it's all about weight), like huge planters and outside furniture, and boxes too heavy for us.  Mary, a co-worker and partner in crime has done a yeoman's job of emptying closets and transporting clothing.  When I left yesterday, Mary was busy decorating the outside of the new house for Christmas.  

We are so blessed and thankful for these folks!


Linda Reeder said...

That is am amazing amount of help! She must be a good friend to have so many good friends.
I like your outside decorations.
We have been very busy too. We can slow down in January.

forsythia said...

A very "moving" story. It's wonderful to read about such kindness for a change from the daily fare on TV.

Sally Wessely said...

You have been very busy! Your daughter will be living in a beautiful home. You must be so proud of her. It is good to have good friends such as these.

Your house looks amazing.

Take care, Kathy. Merry Christmas.