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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Simple Gifts

Today -- about 24 hours after disembarking The Emerald Princess in Port Everglades.  I'm still rocking.  Haven't yet gotten my 'land ears' back.

But I am joyful.  In spite of and due to torrential rains last week, there are a few mounds of snow left;  the remnants of the blizzard.  And although Maryland does not celebrate the lushness of Florida and the Caribbean, ever-blooming palms, hibiscus and bougainvillea, today is a beautiful day:  close to 65°, beautifully sunny, with a light breeze, and the sliding glass doors on the sun porch are all open, allowing the fresh air to circulate in a house that has been closed up for winter.  

 I am doing laundry -- and yes this is a joy for me -- neatly folding the clean, fresh-smelling clothes after removing them from the dryer.  

Our trip was a good one.  We relaxed, saw beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean, met lovely island folks, rode through the Everglades, and were attended to by others.  We even watched excitedly as our ship was called to search and rescue a nearby boat that was taking on water.  

When I slipped into bed last night after a hot shower -- OUR bed, with OUR sheets and 'just right' blankets, I sighed.  It is good to be home.


Linda Kay said...

It is always good to be home. I too enjoy doing laundry, but I like to occasionally hang some stuff outside....especially sheets.

Sally Wessely said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad you had a bit of a reprieve from winter by going on this relaxing vacation. It seems so trite, but you said it so well without being trite at all: There is no place like home.

Cynthia said...

No place like home, that's for sure. One of the joys of traveling is coming home. I need to slow down when I'm reaing--the words "slipped" and "shower" so close together caused me a minor tremor until I backed up and re-read.

Kay said...

Yay! Welcome home! I've never been to the Caribbean. I'll bet it was glorious. It really is a great feeling to be home in your own space again, isn't it?