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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why I Could Never 'Follow' The Pioneer Woman

When I began blogging  the friend who had initially lighted my interest in blogging suggested I 'follow' Ree Drummond:  The Pioneer Woman.  So I visited her blog.  I really enjoyed what I read and left a comment.  Soon after, however, I knew I would neither return to her site, nor would I ever 'follow' her (subscribe to her read feed (for those non-bloggers who may be reading this)).

Let me begin by saying her blog is well written and informative; her photos beautiful.  I believe we could even be friends.  We'd talk about her lovely, well-behaved children.  She might even laugh when I told her that I feel that sometimes children are a punishment from God.  

Ree and I have much in common as I am a pretty good cook -- actually -- I'm better than 'pretty good'.  Granted, I don't cook for as many as she does, but I have in the past.  I don't use as much garlic or hot sauce as she does, but that's okay -- to each her own!  Her cooking show is informative and entertaining; I could share a lot of my family's Italian recipes and she could tell me what a skirt steak is.

Maybe I could  help with her home-schooled kids' English lessons, since I'm still a certified English teacher.  She could teach me why cowboys don't take their hats off at the table -- I'm sure there's some good reason -- and I could tell her why as a teacher, I slow down when I see prison work crews on the highway looking for past students.  We'd have great fun.

So why won't I 'follow' her?  After I left the classroom I began blogging as a means of meeting people; connecting with others who have similar enjoyments; making friends.  Fellow bloggers understand how thrilling it is to see that someone has left a comment.  And although Ree may want to reach thousands of folks, she has different goals.  I am certain I'll never get a reply to my comment or a blog visit from her.  And that's okay.


Linda Reeder said...

I have encountered some blogs that are all "one way" too, and I have dropped them as well. I know I have a lot of invisible "followers", but for me, blogging is a form of conversation.

forsythia said...

Reading about someone's ambitious cookery, lovely home decorating, adventures in homeschooling, etc. kind of wears me out. Your post made me wonder why I still occasionally blog. I started back when Mom, then 90, moved in with us. It was a way of venting. There were also many funny stories to tell. Mom died nearly ten years ago. I realize now what a maddening, yet enriching, decade we all lived through, but when she was gone, there wasn't that much to write about. I knew she wouldn't find and read my blog, so it was all right. Maybe I will find new things to write about, but maybe no.

Sally Wessely said...

I loved this. I identify with you so much. I thought I was the only one looking for past students among those groups of prisoners. ;) I look in the police blotter too. I agree with you on why I blogger. I don't keep up like I used to with blogging, but my blogging friends are my friends. I get them. They get me. We support each other. You have especially been supportive to me. It means so much to me. I never follow those "other" blogs seeking numbers and recognition either. I'm beyond caring about decorating for house beautiful. The truth is I never cared for such things. I like my home to look nice and be comfy, but I find that decorating it has never been high on my list. I wish I were a better cook, or cared more about cooking, but I don't. I enjoy it when I cook, but I've never been a natural born cook.

Lucinda said...

I love your lion! Hey, that's a good question. Why don't they take their hats off?? Hat hair?
Happy Spring to you!

Mage said...

I felt like I was in a crowded hotel ballroom when I stopped by her blog. Not home.