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Friday, April 10, 2020

A Walk Around Wilde Lake

As are many of us, we are trying to keep active.  At our age, sedentary lifestyles are as bad as or worse than smoking.  And so on this very windy and chilly Good Friday, we drove about a mile from our house, and walked one of the three man-made lakes in Columbia.  Wilde Lake (also the name of the village in Columbia, the high school where I taught within said village, and the name of Laura Lippman's novel about that village and lake) has a lovely path around it that is relatively flat, unlike the path around a few of the other lakes that are extremely hilly and in the woods.  One doesn't want to walk the wooded paths on a day so windy -- at least without protective head gear.

There were a few others out, but all - even the dogs they were walking - kept respectful and safe distances.

We saw an osprey that was too quick for us to get a picture, and a Zumba friend with whom we exchanged "Happy Easter" /"Happy Pesach", a few mallards, and the ubiquitous Canada geese.


gracejones said...

A great idea. I think we are staying inside too much, but it is still pretty cold here. I walked yesterday and it was so windy and cold I rushed back to the house. Walking around a lake when it is warm enough would be good for the soul.

Linda Reeder said...

I am alternating walking with workouts on my stationary bike. Back issues cause me to be careful now, but being active is imperative for me. It was sad to see the gate closed on the parking lot of our little neighborhood park today. We were all alone there, no other walkers or dog walkers today.