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Thursday, June 18, 2020


Our dear friends the Bordases posted that they had this for lunch one day last week.  Bill was using up scapes from his garden.  We, too, had scapes from our CSA package.  We, however, don't really like the lingering smell of garlic, and these babies were STRONG.  So, much to the chagrin of Bill Bordas, into the compost they went.  (Yes, I'm an Italian who can't stand the smell of garlic.  Go figure).

Several folks asked for the recipe so here goes.

Pizza Dough  (I mix mine, initially, in a food processor -- a stand mixer with a dough hook will do, as well)

4   c  tepid water
1   pkg of dried yeast
3   T olive oil
2   T honey  (yeast loves honey!)
2   t salt
2   c  semolina 00 flour  (If you don't have this, bread flour will do, as will 
    all- purpose flour in a pinch)
2   c  bread flour

Mix yeast, water, olive oil, and honey.  Let bloom (get little bubbles).  
Mix dry ingredients in the processor or mixer bowl.  Turn on processor/mixer and add liquid.  Allow to process for 4-5 minutes in food processor or 10 minutes in mixer.

Remove onto floured surface.  Oil your hands and knead for an additional three minutes or so.  Dough should be SLIGHTLY tacky.  If it is hard or too stiff, put it back in the mixer and add a little more water.

Form into a ball that feels smooth (like the proverbial baby's bottom).

Generously oil a large bowl and place dough inside.  (I use a plastic bowl with a lid).  Place in a draft-free area and let rise until doubled.  (I stick it in the microwave).

After doubled in size, remove, punch it down, and separate into two rounds or one big rectangle on oiled pans.  Stretch dough on the pans.

Preheat over to 480°


1/2   c  creme fraiche
2      c   caramelized onions
6      slices of prosciutto
6      slices of cooked bacon
sprinkling of freshly ground pepper  (optional)

Using the back of a large tablespoon, spread creme fraiche over the dough to coat.  Sprinkle on pepper, onions, prosciutto, and bacon.

Place in oven on middle and lower racks.  If you have to use two racks, switch placement after ten (10) minutes.

Bake for about 20 minutes or until edges are LIGHTLY browned.

Take pictures!!


Bilbo said...

Sorry you don't like the scapes, but that just means there are more for me!! Thanks for the shout!

gracejones said...

Thanks for the recipe Kathy! I need to buy some semolina flour again. I recall how nice it was for pizza dough. Grace