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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time for flannel sheets

I wouldn't have been able to watch the baseball game last night if it hadn't been for the fire in our family room fireplace. I sat in my leather chair (only 2 hours south of Phila.) with my book, watching the rain drip from the batters' helmets . It was truly bone chilling. And then they finally called the game, of course, after a sloppy run by TB!
Today is not much better; it's cloudy and dangerously windy and, believe it or not, they're calling for snow mixed with rain after midnight and into the morning hours. I'm going to have to bring in more wood and get the cast iron stove on our passive-solar sun porch going by about 4:30. The heat is efficient enough that when it gets going, can heat up the entire downstairs. And, it's time to put the flannel sheets on our bed!
Looks like I'm cooking for Thanksgiving again this year. I say this with enthusiasm--Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All three of our kids and their signif others/spouses will be joining us along with my husband's parents, my mom, and our best friends (of over 30 years, and who are moving to San Diego in the spring!), Margie and Dave.
I'm planning the menu now -- will probably brine the turkey in a buttermilk/spice mixture I saw in the Williams Sonoma catalog. The cornbread/sausage stuffing I'll serve on the side. I found fingerling sweet potatoes and yams at Trader Joe's that are wonderful and hopefully they'll still have them. I'll roast these skins on with cut up butternut squash, a bit of butter, cinnamon, salt and pepper. I love Brussels sprouts; Dick hates them, so I'll make broccoli with garlic and oil. There's a rule someplace that states I have to make mashed potatoes, so I'll try to find some Yukon golds. This year I'm going to limit the pies to apple and pumpkin. Last year I made pumpkin, pecan, apple, lemon meringue, and a pumpkin cheesecake. We had 22 for dinner, but, yes, even I realize this was over the top.....
I'm off to the gym. All this thinking about pies has made me feel fatter.....


Gin said...

I love T'giving too!

I've never tried flannel sheets...I'm too stuck on my 600 thread count cotton sheets! I just may give them a try tho! I saw them on sale and almost bought some. Maybe I'll go back and get them! (If I can remember where I saw them...LOL)

Kathy said...

I got ours at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are so soft, the bed becomes a nest. Some flannel sheets tend to pill, but these are great.
We down into the 30's tonight and it is so windy, it's scary. Is it cold in Ill?

Cheryl said...

Hi Kath, you're writing up a storm! I'm so glad. I've never been one for flannel sheets. I stay warm just under the covers with the heat at 63. I just programmed the thermostat for the week, and it will get warm at 5:15 AM.

I love Thanksgiving too. Your menu sounds delicious. I can't wait to eat that meal. It's one of my favorites!

Kathy said...

Are you going to make that pineapple casserole?