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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Four Little Words

Yesterday, I made progress with the book I'm currently reading -- The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. I've read his other works, and this, like those is expertly crafted, beautifully written, but it's not a thoroughly pleasant read. I really need to take 'breaks' from the lives of the Quirks, the main characters and their tragic lives, and so I put the book down for a while, put a load of laundry in, and turned on the TV for a bit. That's when I saw it. The commentator on CNN was rehashing Rush Limbaugh's comments about Barack Obama. CNN replayed what Limbaugh said, "...I don't need four hundred words; I can say it in four. I hope he fails." Limbaugh then repeated the four words.

Flabbergasted at his mean tone, I sat there trying to process the statement. This is like saying, "I want the whole country to remain divided, partisan, and caught up in the strife of a failing economy. I want those people teetering on the edge of bankruptcy to lose their homes. I want the banks, the car industry, steel, to fail. Let's continue and increase our dependency on foreign oil, and build up that carbon footprint as much as we can." But then, I thought, maybe that's not what he is saying. Maybe Limbaugh is annoyed that his fellow uber conservative Republicans failed miserably and he wants to give them another whack at it? Maybe he is saying that total chaos and utter poverty are better than having a Democrat for president? Or maybe he is just a miserable, pill-popping, pusillanimous, contentious demagogue.


Brad said...

"a miserable, pill-popping, pusillanimous, contentious demagogue."

I think I love you.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It's shocking . . . but perhaps not surprising . . . that he could be so vindictive and uncaring.

Deblynne said...

Ditto to what Brad said: "a miserable, pill-popping, pusillanimous, contentious demagogue."

Hard to believe that in the midst of this wonderful week where we finally have some hope of beginning to work together to overcome some of our problems, that some are so incredibly selfish and negative.

Cheryl said...

You have quite a way with words. It's no wonder. I'd love to see you do battle with Rush. You'd certainly give him a run for his money with your sharp tongue. He disgusts me.

Jay said...

This really isn't all that surprising, coming from him. He's always been a blowhard who put politics way before country.

Kell said...

Amen, sister! I thought the same thing about his comment, but I couldn't put it in such eloquent words. Thank you for putting words to my feelings.

And thanks for the kind words on Wednesday. I've been very remiss on my blog reading *holding head in shame*

Gin said...

I love you too!!! That was the best and truest put down I've heard in a long time. My son was a Ditto-head (or whatever the followers of that miserable, pill-popping, pusillanimous**, contentious demagogue are called) and he always said most of what Rush said was tongue-in-cheek and that most people take him wrong. After giving that statement a lot of thought, I can't figure out any other way to take it but at face value. What a jerk!!

**I'll admit I had to look that word up. I wasn't quite sure of it's meaning. But wow! does it ever fit!!!

CJM-R said...

You go girl. I think you should write editorials.

fiwa said...

I never liked Rush - but I can't believe anyone would wish that on our president.