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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Links

All right, so I'm an idiot. About a week ago Ruth (Visions and Revisions) was gracious enough to bestow on me a "Blogger Friends" award. The conditions of this is to then pass it on to eight (8) other bloggers who through their postings form friendships. Well, for the past week, I have tried and tried again to list the names of those I wish to honor so that you all could just click on the link, and I've failed! :(, miserably. Ruth even sent me a step-by-step, but alas I sit here linkless. (Maybe I can lure Cheryl over here with the promise of coffee???) She's my computer maven.
So, what I've decided to do is just name those dear folks. I'll also list their blogs and you all will have to do the work.

1. Cheryl from myladeda (Oh dear heavens, I think I did it!!!!! I figured it out!! :):):) Disregard all the self-denigrating crap above)-- Cheryl was the person who got me started doing this. For two years while she was cutting my hair, she'd revel me in blog stories and friendships made. Two long, frickin' years... Only kidding, Cheryl, thank you!

2. Ginn from The View from My Garden - Ginni is so entertaining, so kind, so funny and her blog was one of the first I began to follow. She had also recommended a great novel about chickens to Cheryl who passed the book on to me.

3. Jay from Cynical_Bastard because he's anything but. He's kind and always makes me laugh. In the first blog of his I read, he apologized to all the Amish bloggers for having offended them. :) I'm still chuckling about that!

4. Rich from Beantown Cafe. Rich always has a kind word and does great photo tours. I marveled at the set-up of his blog.

5. Cristina from Cristina's World. Cristina and I communicate in Italian (her English is great, and I learned how to use Google Translator). Her blog is so interesting and I feel such a connection to my own family through our correspondence. Blogging has SO made the world a smaller place.

6. Kell from The Kettle's On. Kell is Mr. Bastard's sister! She is articulate, kind, and insightful.

7. Brad from Kubuto Farm. This is not the name of his initial blog, but his is one of the blogs I began following a while ago. Always interesting; always a kind word.

8. Classy Southern Gal at Southern Casa is just starting out. She and her husband take turns posting. Her site is worth checking out.

I know I'm only supposed to do eight (8), but I MUST mention two more: Bonnie and Karen are supportive and giving. I met them both through Cheryl and they have been sweet enough to accept me into their Blogger Friends Lunch Group.


fiwa said...

See? Isn't blogging the best?
Congratulations on your award. :)

Kathy said...


Gin said...

Thanks Kathy...I'm honored!! And I'm so glad you follow my blog and I'm glad I follow yours.

Hey while I'm here I have a question for you...I know you are a grammarian!

Is it An historic day


A historic day

I say An, but I saw an article on MSN and theirs was titled "A historic day..."

Brad said...

Thank you Kathy! I had no idea our Jay had a sister who blogged. I'll be checking out her's and some of the other bloggers on your list that are new to me. Someday we'll have to get the east coast blogger friend lunch group together with our west coast one. Someone mentioned Kansas City the other day...

Kathy said...

I mentioned Kansas City, thinking it would be half way -- it's not -- believe it or not, Houston is. I don't know why I know this....

Brad said...

Neither one are inspiring destinations. Cozumel is just south of Houston. I say we meet up there instead.

Jay said...

Thank you for the award! You're very sweet.

I'm going to have to check out some other blogs now too. When you've got as many blogs in your Google Reader as I do, what's a few more, right?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

You did do the links indeed!

Cheryl said...

Meeting in Cozumel sounds much better than KC!

It's wonderful being your friend/blogging friend. Thanks for including me on your list.

See you later today!