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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Skemia Are Dying and Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

It is a cold, damp, and dreary day here in Maryland. Even Azrielle has bundled herself into a ball under one of the pillows on our guest bed. It's still too wet and chilly to be out there weeding (and the weeds are definitely calling to me!!). But Maryland is one of those places that goes from weather like this to sweltering temperatures and humidity, so it's only a matter of time. Did you know that French mercenaries who fought in the Revolutionary War stationed in this area (DC) received tropical pay? Well, that little tidbit and a couple of dollars will get you a latte!

I spent some time this morning out in the misting rain with a landscape specialist from a local nursery. Our front plantings are not doing well and I needed advice as to why. She suggested that I replace the rosemary and lavender with day lilies -- a great suggestion. I had always treated rosemary and lavender as annuals anyway, and was surprised when the guy who did the original landscaping had suggested them. We also have a Foster holly on each side of the house. The one on the NW corner has lost its leaves now for the second year in a row. I think the reason is winter burn -- and she agreed. We'll replace it with another heartier variety. I don't like plantings along the foundation that are thick or will cover the windows, but the skemia we have planted, although are lovely and stay small, are not doing well. She'll replace them with a type of boxwood that doesn't smell like cat urine as English boxwoods tend to do.

TAG at The Amature Gigolo and I decided to post two different versions of Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." Here's mine on this Way Back Wednesday.


Purple Flowers said...

Sounds like you have your planting plans laid out. That's great! I sometimes watch P.Allen Smith on cable. I love when he hangs a photograph of an everyday house, and inks it up with his own ideas of shrubs and flowers to spruce up and enhance the house. Much Success to your new look! :)

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

We're also having the wet, cool, dreary weather. Your planting plans sound great. I often thought it would be wonderful to have a landscaper come in and tell us what needs to be done. But, I'm sure they would want to pull up everything and start from scratch, and I can't afford that.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...
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Brad said...

I'm reminded of a certificate I got once from and extra credit science class. "This certificate and 50 cents will get you a soda from any participating retailer"

So much for my plans on planting english boxwoods - thanks for the warning!

TAG said...

Welcome again to WBW.

Another version.



Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

The planting plans sound great. It's still too wet and chilly here too. And I just got potted roses in the mail. The nursery shipped them two weeks early. Grrr.

Dear Liza said...

I am always so envious of anyone that knows about plants, that can actually keep them alive..that has that GIFT. And that of course, includes you. I can't keep a silk houseplant alive. Happy Weekend!


there are times when it's lovely to have that chilly weather..now it's time to just get the warm on and go outside to enjoy it.

sorry to hear that your plants aren't thriving. I wish I had as much knowledge about flowers and planting as you do..what a gift!