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Monday, October 5, 2009

Roses and Nano-Nano

We're experiencing gorgeous weather here in Maryland.  The temperatures have been in the 60s and 70s, the humidity low, and the skies that cerulean blue.  Makes me want to make apple pies and apple butter!

My youngest stopped by this morning.  She shops here :) -- today she went home with a bag full of goodies:  fresh sage, cat nip, and oregano to dry; frozen chicken tenderloins, green beans,fresh cauliflower, parm cheese; Jennifer Weiner's lastest book; a Botanicus green tea diffuser (check this out); and a bag of samples from Sephora.  We offer a one-stop, shopping experience with no membership fees.

My garden looks better now than it did during August.  It's having its last hurrah before our first frost which should be within the month.  I cut these roses on Saturday.  This new, fragrant rose, Pink Promise, was named in honor of the hope we have for a breast cancer cure.  I think it fitting that the most beautiful roses were available to me in October. 

Two weeks ago my IPOD bit the dust -- the only time I really missed it was during my workouts which seemed lugubriously and tediously long without the music.  On Saturday night, Richard and I went to the Apple Store and looked around for a while.  I had considered getting the new ITouch, but I really don't need all the bells and whistles on the thing, although it was tempting.  I decided on this sleak Nano model
-- with eight gigabytes-- probably more than I'll ever use -- a capacity to listen to radio, view videos, and download photos.  And, I got 10% off for trading in my old Nano!  Sweet, huh?  All of these devices have a learning curve, and I figure we'll be well into the New Year, before I accomplish this one.  One thing I didn't realize is that with the new Nano, one can listen without earphones  -- not that I will out in public (I imagine that could be REALLY annoying).


Cheryl said...

Can good friends shop at your house too? Kidding. I used to do that at my parent's house in my younger days. Well, I'll admit I still do a little. They have no business shopping at BJ's :))

Love your new Nano. Your kids can teach you how to use it. They don't need instructions.

Sorry we missed you at lunch. Next time? The fish tacos were as good as always.

And lastly, thanks for pointing out the gas price. Woops. I fixed it.

Karen said...

I am enjoying these wonderful sunny days too.
Sorry you couldn't make lunch. We missed you.

Jay said...

The weather is cool and rainy here. Pretty typical fall days for this part of the country. But, a little earlier than we usually get this.

I would love to have an iTouch. I think. I probably don't need all that though. But, they are cool.

Jamie said...

You made me laugh - she shops at my house --- oh, so true. My kids do the same thing...

Like your new ipod, I am learning how to work a new phone....why is this stuff so difficult for us "older" gals?

I hope your week is wonderful. Hugs, friend. :)

Purple Flowers said...

Great Moms always want to feed their kids no matter what age.
I like your new Nano - very sleek looking. Have fun with it!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Love your new Nano! Mine only has 3 gigibytes which I filled up long ago. I don't think you can have too much capacity.

Amy said...

I like your new Nano, it's very sleek and modern looking. It's fun to get new gadgets since they are always being updated, although I think the ability to listen without headphones is not a great idea. I can just imagine what it's going to be like if you're waiting on line at the grocery store or something and the person ahead or behind you is playing headbanging rock music very loud. ugh!

You're a very nice mommy and if you were mine, I would love to shop at your house! Your youngest got a very nice and varied selection of goodies! I wonder if she will like the Jennifer Weiner book?!

Your weather sounds like ours. It's beautiful isn't it? Or, it was, last night it rained here and we had more rain this morning. Today was sunny but so windy I thought we might end up with a few less cats when they went outside! lol

Your rose are gorgeous! Roses are my favorite flowers and those pink ones of yours are a good example of why!

I hope you're feeling well.

beachgirl said...

I am laughing about your daughter shopping at your place. I have a few friends who's kids do that also. My kids just don't leave. ;-)
I was tempted to get a nano. I have 2 shuffles and a big one. My son stole the big one. I love my shuffles. When the battery dies on one I get the other one. Love them.

Beach day after the gym.

Patty said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and the birthday wishes. Also thanks for telling me about the buzzards. I have never seen them there but I am going to look this trip.
Saturday and Sunday is the National Apple Harvest festival. We plan on going on Sat. and then on Sunday we are taking the 1030 ghost hunt tour at the farnsworth house I am meeting up with Linda from Are we there yet. Come on up and join us. Would love to meet you

Brad said...

You've got me wanting a nano too - but I could hardly notice it next to those great looking counter top (I assume) I love that stone! Someday...my kitchen will be redone!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I've had an 8G Nano for two years, and it's still only half filled. But I'm not much of a music junkie.

We had our first frost last night. :-(

beachgirl said...

Alabama Jacks is on Cards town rd. Which is a left about a mile after you get off the turnpike onto US 1 in the Keys. Right at the toll booth. Love it.
I haven't been to the restaurant you go to in Key Largo. I am not a fish person. Just shell fish.

Cherie said...

cool weather. we lived in pittsburgh for a while, too! love it and miss it!~~~thought i'd come by from cheryl's blogsite.

jane said...

hey didn´t jw had a new book out. am going to check it out now. got to support philly girls! hugs!