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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lessons and Paradigms

This morning I had every intention of getting up early and heading out for some pampering, but I woke up at 6:00 (way too early) and fell back to sleep an hour later. I got up at 10:00 and began my morning ritual. Anyone else love to brush their teeth while looking out the window? This is a habit of mine and I notice of our daughters as well.

This morning, rather than spotting the normal idyllic scene, I happened to witness a beautiful red fox nab a SCREAMING squirrel. Our daughter happened to see this from the downstairs, unfortunately getting a closer view. She's a new mother and was contemplating going after the fox. (What she would have done with it, I have no idea). I don't know which was louder: the squirrel in death throes or daughter). The fox looked back over her shoulder as if to ask, "What?" and continued down the hill to her den, squirrel in her mouth. I tried to assuage M's feelings with the thought that this is a mother feeding her kits.

M didn't buy it. She's still upset. But as disconcerting as this was to me, I realize this is just the scheme of things. I'm just wondering if "Eat or be eaten" is the paradigm for all walks of life. Rush Limbaugh comes to mind for some reason...


Purple Flowers said...

That must have been sad to witness, but it's the way of life. Larger animals eat smaller animals. Too bad your daughter had to witness it.

Jay said...

Wow! A PBS "Nature" special going on in live action right outside your window.

Go for a leisurely swim in the ocean sometime.

Fox = Shark

Squirrel = You

It's just the way the world works. ;-)

Karen said...

Well, the fox has to eat too, and I'm not fond of squirrels anyway!

I happen to walk around brushing my teeth and many times end up looking out the window!

Cheryl said...

I look out my window while brushing too. It's great having a window in the bathroom.

I might have liked to have seen that fox and squirrel. With mute, of course.

beachgirl said...

My cat brings home presents. Not all of them are dead. In the old neighborhood he used to run around with live birds in his mouth. Not fun catching him. but it is nature.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

When Mazie Grace arrived and proceeded to catch and eat all sorts of things, I had to keep reminding myself that it was only natural. I still hate to see her kill things though.
Love your Rush Limbaugh comment.

Jamie said...

Yes, that would have upset me too. I honestly know that this is the true scheme of things, but seeing it is a different story...and you know, we see this on the news with people each and every day, but that I take in stride. Kill or hurt an adult, no big deal. Kill or hurt a child or animal, and it breaks my heart. Think I'm screwed up, much?