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I am a retired English teacher and department head, the mother of three grand mother of four, and have been married to the same man for 48 years. I subscribe to Dr. PM Forni's concept of Civility. I was born in South Philadelphia and grew up in the 'burbs. I love soft pretzels and cheesesteaks, the Phillies, the Eagles, and San Diego. I love being Mom, Aunt Kathy, Nona Kathy, and Teacher. I spend a lot of time in my gardens in the spring and summer, and in the winter I plan what I'm going to plant. I also am an avid reader and photographer.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Talk Before Sleep

As of today at approximately 11:30, my husband and I will have been married for 38 years -- more than half our lives!!!.  I've never dated anyone this long :).  Every once in a while, I'll dream that I fret because no one has asked me for a date in a long, long time.  I don't know why this comes up, but it does.  I'm sad until I wake up and remember I've been married to my best friend for all this time.  Dating others might be problematic.
Tonight we'll go to dinner in DC to celebrate --- just the two of us. It's amazing that we still have so much to talk about -- not like one of those couples in Two for the Road that the protagonist observes in restaurants as married because they eat in silence.  No, not at all.  If we're silent, it's only because we've got a mouth full of food!

I've included this poem I wrote because I think it defines, at least in part (not the morbid part), our relationship.

Talk Before Sleep

In the space before sleep
We breathe, slow and steady
As I drift, it occurs to me
to ask
How would you like to die?
Huh, he says, annoyed, reluctant to tempt fate

I continue, never minding his concern
I'd like to die either in my sleep
or while having sex

he says, Either way will be a shock
for the one left behind

I laugh and press again
So how, I ask, how
Silence and breathing pass between us

First, he answers quietly


Purple Flowers said...

That is beautiful!

happyone said...

Congratulations!! Enjoy your night dinner out.
We have our 38th on the 30th.
Love the poem.

Jay said...

"First" hahaha .. that's great.

Happy Anniversary!

Paula said...

Happy Anniversary! Your husband is a lucky man. Enjoy your celebratory dinner and all the best to both of you.

Lena said...

Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.


Gilly said...

Congratulations, Kathy and husband! that's a great achievement! Have a really happy day. And that's a lovely poem!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Sorry I'm a bit late - but Happy Anniversary anyway! Hope you had a wonderful dinner. Love your poem.

Cheryl said...

I would say first, too.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Happy belated anniversary.

Oh, can I relate to that poem. My answer to your question? "Together." Except that it creeps out my husband when I say that.

jane said...

kathy... beautiful.... can´t see through the tears...