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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Town

Yesterday my husband took one look at me and asked, "Do you want to ride along with me to the Post Office?" I  readily agreed; cabin fever had begun to set in.  We were only out for about an hour, but it was a true adventure:  roads are passable in single lanes and the snow banks on the median strips make it impossible to gauge oncoming traffic.  We drove slowly and returned home safely.  We took these two photos:

This is what we call "Lakeside".  Straight ahead is the "People Tree" - the symbol of Columbia; to the left is Clyde's Restaurant and to the far right is Lake Kittamaqundi (it's frozen)

We have so much snow they've been piling it in parking lots.  Here the front end loaders load dump trucks with snow.  Not sure where they're taking it; I assume to the reservoir.


Purple Flowers said...

Kath - it's coming to our neighborhood tonight!

Paula said...

I really like the "People Tree" and can't believe that with all the snow you received, outside of what is piled at the edge of the parking lot, the pavement in the lot is visible! Great job done by the clean-up crews!

happyone said...

It is an adventure driving around. :-)

Jay said...

They're gonna haul it all the way to Vancouver for the Olympics. ;-)

Gilly said...

Your pavements are a lot more cleared of snow than ours were. Most people here walked in the road - causing havoc with the traffic. And we didn't have half as much snow as you do!

Gues there are going to be a few flooded spots when it all melts!