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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Day After and The Plants Are A Comin'

Book club went well last night.  All three pizzas were well received, but the winner seems to be the sausage, pepper and mushroom.  I meant to take pictures but got really involved on getting the food out.  Next time.  I've been allowing the dough to rise longer and for a second time.  I've also been putting in a tablespoon of honey, and while the dough is not sweet, the yeast absolutely loves the fructose and the result is a really nice dough.  Admittedly, making six pizzas was a lot of work;  at one point yesterday, I was completely covered with flour and then had to re-clean the kitchen floor.  However, it was worth it.

I saw the orthopedist on Monday and we've decided to again try the Hyalgan  injections into my knees. (I had the injections on one knee about three years ago and it relieved the pain substantially).  I have advanced arthritis and while I enjoy full range of movement (courtesy of working out), I am often in substantial pain.  I also have trouble walking down slopes or hills.  The Hyalgan helps stave off the knee replacement as long as I can as the replacement lasts for 15 to 20 years and often has to be re-done.  Thank goodness I have insurance.

We've been shopping for a new washer and dryer and are looking at the Whirlpool Duet.  These had been rated pretty high by Consumer Reports and my sister in law has them and likes them.  There are all kinds of sales going on and rebates available, so we feel pretty good about buying now.  I had also looked at buying from Sears online, but I'm a little nervous about that.  Any of you have any recent experience with appliance shopping?

Well, TODAY IS PLANT SHOPPING DAY!!! Yes, I'm heading out in about two hours to purchase this year's goodies.  Photos to come...


C.A. said...

I am so envious of your plant shopping day! It's one of my favorite things to do! Please post pictures....I'm dying to see!

Big Hugs...


Purple Flowers said...

Glad your night w/the girls went well.
I don't have any new experiences w/buying appliances lately.
Can't wait to see your new flower selection. It is so much fun to shop for flowers. Beats the heck out of shopping for bathing suits.

happyone said...

Ah Pizza!! My favorite. My choice would have been the Marguerite!!

We have GE appliances which came with the house and I don't like any of them. My choice would be Kenmore!

Linda said...

Medical science is making us live longer but not without pain. I've always said knees were a flawed design. They need to take those back to the drawing board.

Glad the pizza went over so well, and glad you had a good evening.