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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reaping What One Sows

Did I mention that husb did not lose a filling?  No, it turned out that he only had a sharp surface that our wonderful dentist smoothed.  Problem solved.

Youngest daughter has left the Madeira School's equestrian program to manage a wonderful barn in Virginia horse country.  Middle daughter is out on the Chesapeake Bay fishing, and son and DIL are camping in the Outer Banks.  While things are good right now, I've gotten used to waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The weather has changed a little; it's still warm but we're not wilting under the brutal temps of the past two weeks.  This afternoon we'll head down to Brookside Gardens and stop in at Comet Pizza/Ping Pong and maybe the Politics and Prose bookstore if it's still open.  This morning, with garden hose and Windex bottle that attaches to the nozzle in hand, I'll do our front windows and screens.  This to me is fun.  Maybe I should get out more.

The gardens seem to be a little happier with the cooler temps and it's beginning to sound like late summer as I note crickets have now joined in the cacophony of the cicadas.  The air is rife with butterflies; I've never seen so many.  I've been sowing cosmos and threadleaf zinnia seeds for late harvests.  I like this idea, and will plan to do more late season seeding next year.  I'm about to pull all the snapdragons that returned from last year (amazingly after all that snow!) as they're getting really ratty and sow snapdragon seeds that will bloom this fall and maybe next spring, too.


Purple Flowers said...

I just weeded out some dead flowers from our garden. I'd love to cut back the white Plox but the flowers still look healthy. Is it mean for me to say I want to cut them back anyway. Due to the heigh heat earlier this month,everything is so over crowded.
Tomorrow am, Allen will come out w/me and cut the Shasta daises w/a big cutter. They usually last through August, but their goners now. I also feel a little bit of Fall is in the air.
Enjoy your weekend!

Lena said...

Isn't something how when things are good, we always are waiting for the other shoe to drop!

I am cleaning out my closet and sorry I started. LOL.

I know what u mean, there is something about Windex and dirty windows!

Maggie said...

Here, we still languish under the cold fogs of fall. Grey grey ugly...I'm staying in. Perhaps getting out more would be good for me too. lol

Seth M. Ward said...

I was expecting a bad post from your title:D Glad that you are having fun with the windows! One of the things I enjoy the most is detailing a car or truck. Weird, I know, but it to me I enjoy it. Wish I was crabbing on the Potomac though!

Gilly said...

You can sow Cosmos now and get blooms this year??? I sowed some in June andI am still waiting for a bloom before it is too late and autumn frosts set in!!

Still, that's climate and countries for you!

Glad its not so hot, how you all stayed alive I don't know!

George said...

We're still wilting here, but at least we did get some much-needed rain. Since cleaning windows is fun for you, I invite you over to our house. We can provide you with lots of fun!

Bilbo said...

Do you hire out? I have these windows and weeds...