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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Send Them All Home

My husband came up with a really great idea today.  It's been fairly obvious as of late as to how the Republicans in the House and Senate will vote on anything put before them by President Obama --  I mean, one would have to be a hanging salami not to recognize which way their wind blows.

So since we already know how they will vote, why don't we send them all home?  Without pay, that is.  Think of the thousands of dollars, no millions, we can save!  Especially since we'll close down their offices and send their staff home as well.  When a bill comes up for a vote,  assigned citizens cast votes  by proxy -- maybe even out-of-work constituents of theirs can just yell "Nay" everytime a Republican Senator or House member's name is called.

In case of a real national emergency, the GOP elect can fly back to DC on the corporate jets of the companies in whose pockets they reside.  It works for me.


Jay said...

They can do their jobs from home. They can video conference if a committee needs to meet and they can vote electronically from home too.

Purple Flowers said...

I like it!

Gilly said...

Er, it sounds like a good idea the way you put it Kathy!

But I've never really understood US politics, so perhaps the nuances are lost on me!!

Maggie said...

Didn't Truman do that? LOL

Bilbo said...

When you are President, can I be your Secretary of Defense?

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your husband is a very smart man. Sounds like an excellant idea.

Lena said...

Works for me. Glad to see someone is coming up with a good plan!

Gulf Coast said...

Totally agree! Send them all home! Next election will be to clean house.