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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bridges of Cecil County

We like to drive the 'back roads' to my mom's avoiding 95 as much as we can.  So we leave Columbia, travel through Baltimore on the old tunnel thruway to 95 to the other side of the Susquehanna River.  We then travel west through a bit of Cecil County,  where over the past year, we've watched renovation of a covered bridge.  It lay in ruins for quite a while, and loving covered bridges as I do, was so glad to see refurbishing had begun.
The marker from the road -- I made this really large so it could be read

The refurbished bridge
Looking inside
The dam (to the right of the bridge) and creek


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I'm so glad they're renovating the covered bridge. I've never actually seen one in person - we don't have any around here - but I've always thought they were neat!

Lena said...

i love covered bridges!! great pics.

Jay said...

It's beautiful. I love covered bridges too. There's one near my aunt and uncles house too. In fact, you drive over it to get to their house.

Cheryl said...

I drove over the Susquehanna River bridge yesterday! They're doing road work on it and it was narrow. I've been over my share of bridges this week. I'm glad I'm done for a while!

Was it a good visit with your mom?

George said...

It's nice to see a covered bridge that has been refurbished, especially since it no longer appears to be used for traffic.
We avoid interstates whenever possible. Thanks for sharing this find with us.

Purple Flowers said...

I love a covered bridge, and drive through one whenever I have the opportunity. Vermont has several of them that I have seen and driven through.
Totally charming!

Gilly said...

I've never heard of covered bridges! OK I should get out more maybe! But can't think of any in the UK.

Why would they cover them? Is it an old custom or what?

And yes, the back roads are always more interesting than the boring old motorways etc.!

Happyone :-) said...

I love covered bridges too and glad to see this one renovated!

beachgirl said...

Gorgeous. The last one I saw was in Conway, NH last summer. I have some awesome pictures.

Bilbo said...

There are few things quite as beautiful as a covered bridge in the right setting...so much more scenic and peaceful than some huge iron monstrosity. This one is wonderful...thanks for sharing the pictures!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kathy, I am following you now.... Love your blog.

We also like to go on the back roads when traveling --as much as we can. Love that covered bridge.. I have a 'thing' for covered bridges, along with waterfalls, lighthouses, etc... ha

Great post.

Gulf Coast said...

Really nice pictures. I would love to go see a covered bridge.