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Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Remember When

I've joined the legions of elders who say things like,"I remember when it was so cold...".  The truth is I do remember when winters were substantially colder.  My dad would take me to the Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Mummer's Parade so bundled that if I'd fallen, I would not have been able to get up without assistance, and yet my little feet and face would still get numb.  I remember being able to ice skate at Landsdowne Ice and Coal -- an outdoor rink; the fire department hosing down the basketball courts on days when it was 32° or below by 4:00; and being able to skate any time from December 1st to late February on the pond in Ridley Park.  

It seems we on the East Coast/Mid Atlantic had gotten a bit spoiled by the relative temperateness of our winters.  Even three years ago, when hit by a blizzard or two, most of the day time temps were around 30s and low 40s.  

And then there's this year -- Holy Mother of Pearl!!!  Beginning in December we've experienced the longest cold spells in a very long time.  I find myself celebrating when we make it into the 20s and wanting to run naked through the streets when we hit the 'balmy' 30s!  And luckily for all that really hasn't happened.

I can tell I'm getting older.  I don't 'embrace' this weather like I used to.  Sure it's nice to light fires and snuggle for a day or two with hot tea and a good book at hand, but at this point, I don't really feel like doing ANYTHING or going anywhere.  That's why yesterday I made myself go outside and sit in the sun for a few minutes.  Then when my husband got home from meetings, we drove over to the lake across the highway, walked a little bit and sat on a bench watching the ducks, geese, and seagulls.  One would think their little tushies would get cold.  I know ours did.

The striations in the clouds indicated we would see snow today or tomorrow, but frankly, I'm just not 'feeling it'.

Today, even though they were calling for snow and it was heavily overcast and only 27°, we went back to the lake and walked for a while. And tomorrow we'll do the same and walk a little more.  Getting out really does help one's perspective.  I need to remember this.


Purple Flowers said...

Hi Kathy: I agree about the fresh air and seeing the sun shine. I like the reflection of the bright white snow as well. Sun glasses-check, ear muffs-check,gloves-check. So many garments to put on before leaving the house. I have been embracing the winter thus far. I have arranged my life so I am at home on snowy days with, like you, a good book at hand. I've been baking a lot too. I need to feel comfy cozy. I can forecast that I will start getting stir crazy for Spring by early March. I think about all our flower bulbs that are nestled snugly in Mother Earth. Stay warm.

Kimberly said...

I think you guys got our winter temperatures this year. I am enjoying a much milder winter!

Cynthia said...

I don't know just why this post cheered me up, but it did. THANKS.

Cheryl said...

I got a laugh out of this one. The image, you know :-)
I get out with the dogs. I'm taking care of Caylib right now, so, double walks. Cold, but good to be out. I'm sitting in Starbucks now watching the snow come down. Lovely! You're so right about us being spoiled by our mild winters. Where the heck did polar vortexes come from?

Sally Wessely said...

I feel your pain. Getting older does not make things any better when it comes to dealing with the cold. I was just looking at photos taken ten years ago of me sledding with my grandchildren and having the time of my life. I don't really know if I would go sledding these days or not. First, I'd have to get rid of this cold that has dogged me all winter.

I'm glad I'm not alone in not want to go anywhere or do anything.

Gilly said...

I remember the winter of 1947 here in the UK. Everything frozen up for weeks. I still have the photographs my Dad took of the snow in our garden. Last winter here in the UK was snowy, but this one is just wet, wet, wet. No fun going out, just to get drenched and cold, and its so muddy I'm scared of slipping, as my stick (crutch) just sinks in the mud! Luckily we do not have the floods they have further south, and though we have had gales, they are not so bad as on the coast. The damage has been incredible, and its quite frightening how much power the winds and water have.

Gilly said...

Don't know if this link will work, but try it for pics of our storms and floods! http://www.google.co.uk/webhp?nord=1#nord=1&q=photos+of+storm+and+floods+UK

Kay said...

Oh yes! I say, "I remember when..." all the time. It must drive my kids crazy. It's either that or they say, "We've heard that one before, mom." This is a strange winter though.

Mage said...

It's only chilly here in California not cold, rainy or snowy. Still chhilly is too cold sometimes, and I'm at the (outdoor) pool every morning especially when I don't want to be.