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Saturday, March 15, 2014

We've Done Something Right

When  raising children, especially when they reach teenage years, one is just never sure how they'll turn out.  There were times when my husband would have to literally pull me off my middle daughter and make sure she never walked in front of my car while I was driving.  There were times with all three, that I questioned what possessed me to want children.  I fear I was not alone.  (Those of you who raised near perfect children may want to stop here, but please stay with me as it gets better.)

Fast forward 15+ years.  Our children are now 38, 37, and 34.  Our son has two children: a fourteen-year old girl and a two-year old boy.  Our middle daughter has a five, soon to be six-year old, girl.  Our youngest has no children, but is up to her schnutz in horses, dogs, and cats.  Her kindness to these animals and her way with them so very pleases her father and I.

My point is that when we see Michael with his children, Melissa with her daughter, and Robyn with her responsibilities and skill with animals, we are so very proud.  

Each year Melissa throws a huge party for her daughter's birthday.  At least a hundred are invited, and very close to that hundred, if not more, attend.  She hires moon bounces, ponies, face painters all to entertain all these wee ones and often their older siblings.  She invites parents, grand parents, and extended family. 

Last year's party was a huge success. (Daughter in yellow, son in blue, and me in aqua).

Kids of all ages had fun.

This year's party in in the planning stages.  I had one question for daughter -- "Why so big?  Why so many"?  Her reply:  "When I was little I remember in regard to birthday parties, someone was always left out.  Sometimes it was me; sometimes others.  The ones left out always feel bad.  I swore that if I ever had children, no one would ever feel that way because of me."

And I guess that says it all.


forsythia said...

Your children became kind, thoughtful adults. That says it all. Happy Mothers' Day, a few months early.

Purple Flowers said...

Your daughter is very thoughtful and sensitive to other people's feelings. Being left out of a party is a saddening experience that lasts a lifetime. I know how it feels. I am sure the planning stage can be a crazy time, however,it can also be a creative time. I have a hunch that your daughter and her thoughtfulness is a reflection on how you and Hubby raised your children.

Gilly said...

You have a great daughter! How fantastic to be able to organise a party like that! And rely on good weather (well, I hope she could!)

You've done a great job as parents, Kathy!

(And I love your new header!)

Mage said...

What a thoughtful person she is, but all that big party stuff is so hollywood. Remember Mommy Dearest. We go Sunday up to a nice small party for our youngest granddaughter....at a MacDonalds.

Lena said...

What a beautiful story! Your daughter is awesome and thoughtful! She is making memories for so many and is a wonderful role model for her daughter!

What a big beautiful heart she has and I think I know from where it comes!

So inspiring!!

George said...

It sounds as if you and your husband did many thinks right. I have to admit that at times my son amazes me (in a good way) -- as a teenager I could have throttled him on more than one occasion.