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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Something Remarkable

Enter the Pied Piper, the Don Quixote, Superman, Spiderman.  In mythology, film, and fiction we await the hero, the infantry who at the last minute ride in and with courage and ability lure the rats to their watery deaths, make the victims of the Inquisition rise up with hope, or detonate the Bridge Over the River Kwai.  

For the past four years I've been awakening each morning with hope, awaiting for special forces to 'ride in' and relieve us of first, the insanity, hypocrisy, danger, and incompetence of the Trump Administration; the tragedy  of COVID, and now the horrors and devastation provoked by Vladimir Putin in his ravaging of the Ukraine, and his seemingly being hell bent on pulling us all into yet another world war.  

"Where is the cavalry?" I asked my husband,  "When does something remarkable happen to relieve us?"  

His answer surprised me.  

"We have a democracy that succeeded against an insurrection.

Drug companies worked diligently to release vaccine that saved millions of people.   People were vaccinated, they wore masks, and kept the virus from spreading even further.

Putin's criminal invasion of the Ukraine has not only brought out examples of astounding bravery and compassion, it has brought much of the world together in recognizing that courage, and in joining in to relieve the suffering of those affected.  Despite Putin's aggressions, and perhaps in spite of them, the world is more united now than it has ever been."

Something remarkable indeed.

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