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I am a retired English teacher and department head, the mother of three, grand mother of three, and have been married to the same man for 42 years. I subscribe to Dr. PM Forni's concept of Civility. I was born in South Philadelphia and grew up in the 'burbs. I love soft pretzels and cheesesteaks, the Phillies, the Eagles, and San Diego. I love being Mom, Aunt Kathy, Nona Kathy, and Teacher. I spend a lot of time in my gardens in the spring and summer, and in the winter I plan what I'm going to plant. I also am an avid reader and photographer.


Monday, January 19, 2009

A Cold, Cold Day

I've been a real vegetable all day. I think the below freezing temperatures have finally gotten to me. I even missed my day at the gym (I'll go tomorrow), but just couldn't face going out in the snow. Yes, it FINALLY snowed here. We only got a bit -- maybe an inch plus, but it's covered everything and looks so pretty. And now the temp is dropping yet again. My hands are cold, my feet are cold, my back hurts, and my knees are killing me! I want a warm beach!!!

So today I read blogs and made comments, wrote a long overdue letter, made a dent in the book I'm reading, The Hour I First Believed, by Wally Lamb, rested, and tended to the two fires we have going: one for comfort in our family room, the other out of necessity on our passive solar sun porch. (There has been no sun today and without the cast iron stove out there, we could hang meat).

The only big news is that the baby, now nine months old, has been standing and on Saturday took three steps toward Richard. I know this eclipses the Inauguration, but had to share it with you. I hope President-Elect Obama forgives me.

This is the first time she has been in her crib. She has been sleeping beside her mother in a portable one. I'm not sure she knows she is supposed to sleep in this new place, but she sure is enjoying it.

We'll blackmail her with this when she becomes a teenager. Surprisingly there's enough room in her little tub for her and all those toys. Are we absolutely, over-the-top, gaga about this baby? You betcha! Forgive me, everyone.


Brad said...

I just fell in love.

Those bright sparkling eyes!

CJM-R said...

What a sweetie!!! So beautiful.

Rich said...

Cute!!! and don't worry about posting about Obama Everyone else is posting about.

Jay said...

What a cute kid. She's gonna grow fast. She'll be running all over the place before you know it.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a doll baby!

Gin said...

She's adorable! I know Mr. Obama would forgive you.

I feel for you...about the snow. I have been aching and lazy since November.

cri said...

Hy Kathy!!! Yes, january is a great month !!!!
Happy anniversary and birthdays to all you family!!!
I love snow, but here is only cold....
The baby is wondeful, she looks like a mermaid!!!!
Kisses, Cristina

fiwa said...

Hey girl - thanks for stopping by to visit me. I love to make new friends and there is always room for more.

You are totally forgiven for being ga-ga about that baby. She is so cute with those big, pretty eyes. What a doll.

Happy day -

Cheryl said...

She's your reward. Enjoy every moment you get to spend with her!