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I am a retired English teacher and department head, the mother of three, grand mother of three, and have been married to the same man for 42 years. I subscribe to Dr. PM Forni's concept of Civility. I was born in South Philadelphia and grew up in the 'burbs. I love soft pretzels and cheesesteaks, the Phillies, the Eagles, and San Diego. I love being Mom, Aunt Kathy, Nona Kathy, and Teacher. I spend a lot of time in my gardens in the spring and summer, and in the winter I plan what I'm going to plant. I also am an avid reader and photographer.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Change is Gonna Come

Tomes have been published on the effects of change.  Writers such as  Kalvero Oberg  discussed Culture Shock as a disease with causes, symptoms, and effects.  That being said, recognized, and respected, change has always been something I've, for the most part, embraced.  It's exciting to me.  Granted the results are often hard to deal with, but for the most part, we do deal with them -- sometimes with assistance, sometimes alone.  When I heard, for instance, we'd be getting a new principal (the moving of administrators happens often in our school district; I've counted 10 different principals in my career),  the anticipation was exhilarating and while the reality was sometimes less than pleasing, the 'newness' of the situation was interesting to me; sometimes a little discomforting, but interesting nonetheless. This is probably why I loved my job so much:  every day in the classroom completely differed from the day before.  And when the schedule changed, I was in heaven.  On a graver note, I've suffered losses -- big ones over the years, like all of us have, but somehow came through slightly scarred, but stronger.  All in all,  I think  the changes, the losses  have defined me.


Purple Flowers said...
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Purple Flowers said...

This topic is very interesting. Although I've earned my successes through merit and hard work, I think I've learned more when I've lost. A few scars, certainly. Tough times, absolutely. However, when looking back, it is the losses (of any kind) that have made me more understanding, and stronger.

jane said...

never thought of culture shock as a disease... maybe that´s what´s wrong with me...;) happy sunday kathy!

Gilly said...

You are a brave person, Kathy, to embrace change as you have done so, and even to rejoice in it! So many people resist change, simply because it is change. And whilst some changes are losses, and great ones at that, maybe never to be enjoyed, your attitude must lead to a much greater harmony of life.

If you see what I mean!